Christmas is coming up. What better way to get into the festive mood than by decorating your home? Check out where to Xmas Decorations in the`Du ?:

1) Taobao 淘宝网

www.taobao.com – Everything you want

2) Hehuachi wholesale market


Address/地址:Beizhan East 2nd Rd, Jinniu Disctrict 金牛区2环北站西路

3) Metro Supermarket 麦德龙超市

Address/地址:1 Qingjiang Middle Rd, Qingyang 青羊区清江中路1号

4) Carrefour Supermarkets 家乐福超市

Addresses/ 地址:

5) Walmart Supermarkets 沃尔玛超市

Addresses/ 地址:

1, Wal-Mart (SM Plaza Branch)No.29, Section 2, East 2nd Road, Chenghua District

沃尔玛 (SM广场店)成华区二环路东二段29号

2, Wal-Mart (Jiaoda Branch)inside Jiaxin Mao Plaza, No.178, Jiaoda Road, Jinniu District

沃尔玛 (交大店) 金牛区交大路178号嘉信茂广场内

6) Ito Yokado 华堂

Addresses/ 地址:

1,Ito Yokado (Wanda Plaza Branch)Wanda Plaza,East 2rd Ring Road

伊藤洋华堂 (万达店)锦江区二环路东五段万达广场

2,Ito Yokado (Shuangnan Branch) 1~4F, No.6, Yidu Road

伊藤洋华堂 (双楠店)武侯区二环路西一段逸都路6号1-4楼

3,Ito Yokado (Gao Xin Branch) Shihao plaza, Jiannan Avenue

伊藤洋华堂 (高新店)剑南大道花荫路口世豪广场

4,Ito Yokado (Chunxi Branch) No.8, Zhengke Jia Alley

伊藤洋华堂 (春熙店) 锦江区正科甲巷8号

7) ToysRus 玩具反斗城

Addresses/ 地址:

1,Chenghua Branch 万象城店

5F, Mix City, No.8 Shuangqing Road, Chenghua District


2. Jinniu Branch 凯德广场店

4F, Capital Mall Phase 2, No.183 Jiaoda Road, Jinniu District

8) 7-11

7-Eleven sells smaller decoration, candy, etc.

1) Ikea 宜家家居

Christmas range for decoration, textiles, lighting, gift wrapping, dinnerware and much more.


No. 9 Zhan hua Road, Gaoxin District (next to Galleria shopping mall)


Happy Shoppping & Enjoy! ??[:]


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