Christmas party? Year-end employee gathering? Or any other private functions? Let The Beer Nest take care of your needs for a very special event! 

We can tailor make our menus for either a sit-down dinner, buffet style feast or catering. We have projectors and music equipment at your disposal and can also help with music bands and other needs.

The restaurant can seat up to 120+ guests w/ additional outdoor seating. For quotes or more questions, please call 13730871837


Corporate Event/ 公司活动:

Company annual party – 公司年会

Year-end staff party – 年终员工派对

Farewell party – 告别派对

Product launching – 产品发布

Technical training – 技术培训

Knowledge sharing – 知识分享

Public speech – 公共演讲

Public debate – 公共辩论



Private Event/ 私人活动:

Birthday party – 生日聚会

Family reunion – 家庭聚会

Friend catch-up – 朋友聚会

Engagement party – 订婚派对



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