Get family and friends together and take them bowling at one of these alleys:

Whether you’re looking for an activity for a rainy day or a fun evening with friends, why not give one of these local bowling alleys in Chengdu a visit?


JinAoBao Bowling 金奥保龄球馆

Time: 9am-Midnight
Price: RMB 180/ hour
Address: Yingmenkou Rd. No 278 (in Jinniu Sports Center) 营门口路278号(金牛体育中心内)
Tel: 028-87529280


Long March Bowling 琅迈保龄球馆

Long March Bowling is currently under remodelling, re-opening time to be announced.

Time: 9am-Midnight
Price: RMB 300/ hour
Address: Xida St., New City Plaza 3F (above GuoMei Electronics and McDonald’s) F3 D-302 Qingyang District 西大街新城市广场3楼D-302(国美三楼)
Tel:  028-62444446, 18030582606


Taroko Sports Bowling 大鲁阁保林球馆

Time: 10am-Midnight
Price: RMB 300/ hour. VIP Card, Groupon and specials (eg: Monday half price student day) available
Address:  Hongxing Rd #3 No.1, IFS F5 Jinjiang District 锦江区红星路三段1号IFS国际金融中心5楼
Tel:  028-84278168

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