Chengdu’s brand spanking new Metro Line 3 opened to the public for the first time today! Residents and commuters can now take Line 3 from Taipingyuan all the way to Chengdu Junqu General Hospital.



Chengdu Metro New Line 3 English Map

Chengdu Metro Line 3 Stops (Northeast to Southwest):

  • Chengdu Junqu General Hospital
  • Xiongmao Avenue
  • Chengdu Zoo
  • Zhaojuesi Road South
  • Simaqiao
  • Lijiatuo
  • Qianfeng Road
  • 2nd Chengdu People’s Hospital
  • Dongmen Bridge
  • Chunxi Road
  • Xinnanmen
  • Moziqiao
  • Sichuan Gymnasium
  • Yiguanmiao
  • Gaoshengqiao
  • Hongpailou
  • Taipingyuan

Chengdu-Expat metro line 3 imageChengdu-Expat metro line 3 image 2

Even more good news for all the panda fans out there: a panda-themed train is set to run through Subway Line 3! Elements of everyone’s favourite black and white bear can be found on the train’s seats, windows and overhead hand holders.

Chengdu-Expat metro line 3 panda trainChengdu-Expat metro line 3 image 1

The opening of Line 3, colored pink, marks the first phase in the line’s construction, with a further two sections to be added to the line in the near future.

When complete, Line 3 will connect the suburbs of Chengdu to the very centre of the city.





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