Pizza, Pasta and Plenty of choice.

Here’s our comprehensive list of all the Italian restaurants in the City.

Casamosaico Italian Restaurant 

Address: 武侯区人民南路四段48号首座中心商业区2楼-208/209号(中国银行正背后二楼)208-209, 2nd Floor, Master, №48, Section 4 of South Renmin Road, Wuhou District (Behind Bank of China)

Penggo Italian Restaurant

Address: 18 Dongyue Street, 1F SquareOne. 四川省成都市东御街18号百扬大厦一楼

Tel: 028 – 61999458


A Boluza


 Address 1: Wuhou District, Renmin South Road No. 48-31, below Master Building [next to The Beer Nest 2].地址: 武侯区人民南路四段48号附31号 

Tel: 028-61380372


Address 2: Wuhou District, Tongzilin, Zishan Road No. 11 (Pedestrian street next to Millennium Hotel, across Hugo’s craft beer bar)

地址: 桐梓林紫杉路步行街11号

Tel: 028-65771200



Address: 2242, 2/F, Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li, 8 Middle Shamao St. 锦江区中纱帽街8号成都远洋太古里二层2242号,


Opening Times: 9:30am – 11pm


Gli Azzuri


Address: Jinjiang district, HongXing Road No. 159 (4th Section of First Ring Road) East Niuwang Miao Metro Exit C/D


iBOX, space 3-4-3 (yellow container)

Tel: 13350896477


Bucciano, Wine & Dine Italian Restaurant Market

**Closed till further notice**


Opening Times: 11:30- 2:00pm 6:00- 11:00pm


Kathmandu Himalayan & Italian Restaurant

Address: Kathmandu, 99 Huan Jin Road, Qing Yang District, Chengdu

Tel: 028 61671488

Time: 11am – 11pm; Kitchen Closed 9pm
Tuesday to Sunday



Address: 5/F, Shuangnan Ito Yokado, 6 Yidu Rd., West Sect. 1st, 2nd Ring Rd. 二环路西一段逸都路6号伊藤洋华堂双楠店5楼,

Tel: 85366672

Opening Times: 11am-10:30pm weekdays; 11am-11pm weekends


Pasta Vera

Address: 1-27 Zheng Kejia Xiang, Isetan Department Store B1

Tel: 028-8082-1111

Opening Times: 10am-10pm



Address: The Temple House, 81 Bitieshi St. 锦江区笔帖式街81号, 11:30am – 2:30pm;

Tel: 62974190

Opening Hours: 6pm – 10pm


Address: 10 South Tongzilin Road, Wuhou District  武侯区桐梓林南路10号

Tel: 13916057095

Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm

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