Everyone has made a New Year’s resolution to improve their health or fitness right? And the majority have failed within the first months.

Well, make it different!

Here are 5 ways to keep fit in Chengdu along with some tips on how to set and achieve your fitness goals.

Firstly, a time and cost effective way to burn off some of that Christmas pud…

1. Go for a walk, jog or run! 

Use the MapMyRun App to find over 350 running routes around the Chengdu. This is a convenient way to exercise whilst exploring some of the city’s beautiful parks. Although, you should be mindful of the air quality, if it is poor or hazardous, you might want to give this a miss.

As well as the MapMyRun app, WeChat have a ‘WeRun’ feature which enables users to keep track of their daily steps and compete with friends on a leader-board.

To use the WeRun feature, go to the ‘Me’ tab and select Settings > General > Features and then enable ‘WeRun’. Make sure you have also enabled ‘Record Fitness Data’.

To view the leader-board go the ‘Chat’ tab and select ‘WeRun’. Where the message box usually is you will see ‘Step Ranking’. As an extra incentive to get walking, if you are top of the leader-board you can then set the cover photo!

2. Attend Dance & Exercise Classes

Chengdu has over 20 gyms and dance studios with a variety of classes, some of which you can just turn up and pay; others you will need to book on in advance.

The Sinostage Dance Studio

Situated in the Poly Centre, just outside the city’s second ring road, this dance studio is easily accessible by getting off at the Nijiaqiao stop on the blue metro line or unlock a shared bike to complete your workout. They also have studios in Landlord Landmark and Yintai Center. This dance studio offers a range of classes instructed by 3 different teachers from the US and China. To book a class contact the studio via email: info@sinostage.com or phone: 4000-251-907

Address: 成都市武侯区锦绣路1号保利中心东区3栋2115室/ Chengdu Poly Center, Tower East, Building 3, 21st Floor, Suite 2115

CDM Dance Studio

Located in the centre of the city, next to the Dongmen bridge metro station CMD dance studio is a place for anyone who has a passion for dance. As well as street dance styles, it also offers classes such as jazz & contemporary to help students improve their flexibility and musicality. Contact CDM dance studio by calling: 416-497-1793 or email: cdmdance@me.com.

Address: 东大街较场坝东五街8号东方广场B座22层 (东门大桥地铁站/ 22 Floor, Block B, Dongfang Plaza, No. 8th East Five Street, Chang Dam, East Street (Dongmen Bridge subway station)

Top Tip

 Research suggests that if you set yourself small goals, you’re more likely to achieve them… seems obvious right? Apparently not. Many people set out to achieve goals such as to loose 12kg and give up when they realize it is unrealistic!

Achieving small goals regularly will boost your self-esteem and motivate you to set new goals to eventually form healthy habits! So, this new year why not make a smart resolution such as; completing a certain amount of steps or miles per day or replacing unhealthy snacks with fruit & nuts.

3. Join a Gym


S-FIT gym

There are now four branches of S-FIT gym’s, with one a short walk from the second Chengdu people’s hospital metro stop on the green and red lines. The Hongxing Road branch covers an area of 1000m2 and a large personal trainer studio.

Address: 红星路二段70号四川日报报业集团大厦A区2楼/ Floor 2 Area A, Sichuan Daily Press Group Tower, 70 Section 2, Hongxing Road

Orient Fitness Club

This Orient Fitness Club has a large expat-community and offer’s well-maintained equipment; as well as fitness classes and saunas. The club has a large range of weight machines and is slightly upscale but not luxurious with prices to match.

The Orient Fitness Club is open 8.30am-10pm however it is best to go during off-peak times to avoid waiting for equipment. To contact them call: 028 85194945/9

Address: 新光路10号家乐副大世界广场3楼/ 3rd Floor, Carrefour Great World (South) Store, Xinguan Rd


4. Dive into One of Du’s Swimming Pools

Get your swimsuit back out, swimming isn’t just for the summer months with Chengdu offering indoor swimming pools too. Most open beginning of May, click here for the overview.

5. Opt to Unlock a Shared Bike

Don’t forget, every time you cycle rather than taking the metro, you are adding to your recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise. If you haven’t already, download either OFO or MoBike from your App store to use one of the shared bikes which can be found all over the city.

Thank you for reading this article, we hope it helps you to achieve your fitness goals for 2018!



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