ChengduExpat+ Mini Program

Over the last year Chengdu Expat have been working towards the exciting launch of our new Mini Program. The aim of the program is to provide you with up-to-date news, locations and events for things happening in and around Chengdu. The program itself can be easily found within WeChat and used for your every need. Whether that’s looking for a local restaurant; searching for music events; need-to-know information about Chengdu; or simply just keeping informed about what’s coming to city. The ChengduExpat+ mini program has it all.

How to Use Our Mini Program

The ChengduExpat+ mini program contains 5000+ articles, 1000+ locations, events, job listings and more.

 When you open the ChengduExpat+ Mini Program, it will open on the main Home screen. Here you will find the latest articles that have been posted, along with Most Read, Places, Events, Housing, Useful info and Jobs. On this page you will find upcoming Events and newly added Locations. At the bottom of the main home page you will find our Forum, Restaurants, Nightlife, Coffee & Tea, Travel and My Searches. At the very top of the Home page is the Search Bar, here you can search for anything in the mini program and you will be directed to the correct page. All searches are saved in My Searches, so you can access them again at any time.

For example:

At the bottom navigation bar, along with Home, are shortcuts to News, Events, Places and More. 




Selecting the Places shortcut at the bottom of the program opens up the Places page. Here you can see Restaurants, Travel & Transport, Shopping & Recreation, Nightlife, Coffee & Tea, Hotels & Properties, Services, Sports, Education, Government, and places Near Me.



When you have found the location you’re looking for, by either browsing through the categories or using the search bar, you can copy the address to send to a friend, or grab a taxi or DiDi.






Selecting the Events shortcut at the bottom of the program opens up the Events page. Here you can see upcoming events happening in and around Chengdu. Clicking on the event will provide more details, including location, time and how to buy tickets (if applicable). Events include concerts, weekend trips, networking events, photography courses and much more.



If you have or know of an event happening in Chengdu that isn’t on the website, we have a feature which allows you to add your own event to the ChengduExpat+ mini program. Simply click the green button ‘Add Your Event‘ and fill out the event details before submitting.






On the News page, you can find the latest articles posted by Chengdu Expat.


If you are new to Chengdu, there are articles such as  ‘7 Things to Know Before Coming to Chengdu’ and ‘How to Open a Bank Account in China’, which will help you find your feet before arriving to the city.


You can find anything from weekend trips, to foreign films, to ‘How-To’ articles – there is something for everyone.





Where can you find your Mini Program?

  1. Search for the Mini Program by name. Step-by-step guide shown below. NOTE: the mini program name must be spelt correctly otherwise it won’t be found. 


2) You can share the mini program via the ‘Chats’ page. If a friend sends a mini program update in a chat, users can access the mini program by clicking on the update.

3) Scan the QR code for the mini app.

The QR code for ChengduExpat+ mini program is shown below.


How can I share a Mini Program?

Mini Programs cannot be shared on your moments, however they can be shared in WeChat groups or directly with friends.

The mini program QR code cannot be extracted, so users can only access the mini program by scanning the QR code.









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