Camping Near Chengdu

When most people think of Chengdu, they picture pandas chomping on bamboo, endless lajiao and hectic driving – not tents, campfires and three-day-old underwear. However, no far from the city, especially in western Sichuan, there’s no shortage of unique hiking routes, pretty vistas, and camping locations.

We have picked 7 nearby camping spots for you to help you escape the city…


Andaman Eco-Tourism Village, Dujiangyan


With each tent (2-person) Andaman provides two sleeping bags, a sleeping pad, and a camping light. There is also a public bathroom, toilets, a water boiler, and WIFI at the campsite. You will need to bring your own toiletries, as well as a towel, toothbrush, slippers.


During check-in, you’ll need to pay a deposit of 100 RMB. You will be given a deposit receipt, which you’ll need to get camping equipment from the coach. The deposit will be refunded when you check out.

2-Person Tent:

200 RMB(Off-peak day)

280RMB (Weekend day)

Breakfast Bag (need to be reserved): 30 RMB per person

Hotel Breakfast (can pay directly at the Rock Bar): 88 RMB per person

Check-in: 4:30 pm at the Front Office

Check-out: 12:00pm


188, Lotus lake tourist highway, Dujiangyan, Chengdu:  四川省成都都江堰市莲花湖旅游公路188号

You can reach Dujiangyan by high-speed train from Chengdu (north) Railway Station or Xi Pu Station.

成都火车站 – 都江堰站

It takes 30 minutes and they run frequently.

Gexian Mountain, Pengzhou


Gexian Mountain is located in Pengzhou, 45km away from Chengdu. It has a rough hiking trail that from start to finish is 5-7 hours – and is perfect for orienteering. It is also close to a geological park, so you can check out some amazing caves formations. You can pitch a tent on the route – but keep in mind there are no official facilities.

Gexian Mountain Town, Pengzhou City


There are several buses from Chengdu to Pengzhou: you can take a bus from Xinnanmen Bus Station(新南门车站), Huayang Bus Station(华阳客运中心), Wukuaishi Bus Station(五块石客运站) and Longquan Bus Station(龙泉汽车总站).  It will cost you roughly 23 RMB and take around 45 mins to get there. You can also take a train from Chengdu Station (成都站)for 99 RMB. Once you reach Penzhou, you can take a local bus or taxi to Gexian Mountain Town (葛仙山镇).


Xiaoyudong, Pengzhou


Xiaoyudong is home to one of the biggest waterfalls in Sichuan. It provides a great backdrop for a hike, where you can enjoy the fresh air, tall trees and the sound of rushing crystal clear(ish) water. You can pitch your own tent, or there are also some wood cabins and motorhomes available for rent. People come from far and wide for the fresh bamboo here, so it is a little touristy.

Xiaoyudong Town, Pengzhou City,


There are several ways to get to Penzhou, as mentioned above. Once you reach Pengzhou, you can take a local bus or taxi to Xiaoyudong Town.


Heishuihe, Dayi County


Heishuihe is 3 hours away from Chengdu, by winter ski resort Xilin Xue Shan. Due to its rich natural resources, the area has been reclassified as a nature resort – and you can pitch a tent – though there are no official facilities. The area is pretty well prepared for tourists because of the summer rafting nearby and winter skiing, so there’s no shortage of things to do or places to stay if you decide not to rough it.

Qionglai Mountain, Dayi County,


There are several buses from Chengdu to Dayi: you can take a bus from Shiyangchang Bus Station (石羊场客运中心), Chadianzi Bus Station (茶店子客运站) and East Bus Station(东站客运中心). It will cost you around 20 RMB and take you between 70 – 90 mins to get there. After you reach Dayi, you can take a local bus or taxi to Heishuihe.


Longwozi, Dayi County


Longwozi, is Dayi County’s hidden gem. There are few settlements here, with quiet streams supposedly flowing with clear drinkable water – but the real attraction is the fireflies that are supposed to light up the night skies. This is a place to pack your rucksack with supplies, switch off your mobile and connect with the outdoors.

Qinglong Village, Dayi County


There are several buses from Chengdu to Dayi (mentioned above)  – after you reach Dayi, you can take a local bus or taxi to Longwozi 龙窝子.

Dutongyan, Chongzhou


Autumn is the time to visit Dutongyan. The trees famously turn vivid colors – and bamboo style forests are beautiful. Besides walking amongst the bamboo sea you can climb to a peak and see it from above. There are also relics from the Ming and Qing dynasties, preserved in the villages around. The route is a little rocky, so bring a floor mat or air mattress if you’re camping – you can pitch your tent freely.

Daping Village, Wenjingjiang Town, Chongzhou City


There are several buses from Chengdu to Chongzhou – you can catch them from Jinsha Bus Station(金沙车站), Xinnanmen Bus Station (新南门车站)and Shiyangchang Bus Station(石羊场客运中心). It will cost you around 15 RMB and takes around 40 mins to Chongzhou. After you reach Chongzhou, you can take a local bus or taxi to Dutongyan.


Jiguan Mountain, Chongzhou


Jiguanshan is not far away from Dutongyan mentioned above. The area was previously planted with trees for the timber trade, so now the whole area is covered with trees and meadow flowers. Sunrise is supposed to be especially beautiful here – but we recommend you visit in the winter time – when the whole area is covered by snow. You can’t camp inside the park, but on the way there from Chongzhou, there is an official campsite.

Wandan Hill, Jiguan Mountain, Chongzhou City


There are several buses from Chengdu to Chongzhou mentioned above. Once in  Chongzhou, you can take a local bus or taxi to Jiguan Mountain.


Camping in Sichuan

Don’t forget to bring essentials with you, like toilet paper, hand sanitizer (if that sort of thing worries you), bug spray and battery packs – but most things (like instant hot pot) can be picked up in transit from the bigger towns. Most importantly, take everything with you when you leave. 


Where to get Camping gear?


Decathlon 迪卡侬

1. Gaoxin District Branch

199 Duhui Road

199 都会路

2. Mix City Branch

B1 Mix City, 8 Shuangqing Road, Chenghua District


3. Qingyang Branch

B1, 78 Fourth East Guanghua Road, Qingyang District


Outdoor Equipment Stores

There are some outdoor equipment stores near

 Sichuan Gymnasium Metro Station Exit F





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