Chongqing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development and Ctrip are inviting 2oo foreigners to witness the beautiful scenery of the Three Gorges at Yangtze River for free!

Whether this is your first time or you’ve seen them before, this is a whole new way to experience the Three Gorges and dramatic Chongqing. This trip allows you to take the newest five-star cruises around the incredible scenery of the magnificent mountains and rivers for free!


Information and Requirements

Itinerary Highlights:

  • Stay at a hot spring hotel
  • Taste the Hot pot, enjoy the charming night views
  • Visit the Three Gorges via five-star cruise
  • English & Japanese Tour guide
  • Wanzhou International Food Festival
  • Amazing Cruise Show

Recruitment requirements:

  1. Tourists must hold a valid passport.
  2. Share your expectations for this trip to The Three Gorges.

Please send the sign up information as full name/nationality/passport number to or send to Wechat number 18807853421, Sally.

Destinations Include:

  • Chongqing, one of the four municipalities under the central government of China.
  • The Three Gorges of Yangtze River,a magnificent landscape gallery,also one of the ten most famous tourist destinations in China. The cradle of ancient Chinese culture.
  • Xiling Gorge, Wu Gorge and Qutang Gorge, all covering approximately 240 kilometers.


Visit the Three Gorges for Free | Make Friends and Explore

Above: The Three Gorges

The Three Gorges

Qutang Gorge, located in Fengjie County, embodies the surging characteristics of Yangtze River. Qutang extends 8kms west from Baidi Mountain Fengjie County and east up to Daxi Town, Wushan County, and is the shortest one of the three Gorges. It has steep, sharp cliffs on both sides, with only a line of sky left visible from within it. Hence many poets have marveled at this steep and precipitous natural spectacle.

Wuxia, also known as “Great Gorge”, stretches 40kms eastward from Daning River, Wushan County, Chongqing Municipality, to Guandukou, Badong County, Hubei Province, and is famous for its gracefulness. Along the zigzagging gorge, strange-shaped mountain peaks and continuous rugged rocks form the most beautiful gallery of the Three Gorges.

The Goddess Peak, alias Wangxia Feng (Viewing-the-glow Peak) and Beauty Peak, is one of the twelve peaks, located on the northern bank, 15kms east away from Wushan County Town. A huge rock towers among the rosy clouds and takes the form of a beautiful young lady, people naming it Goddess Peak for this reason.

The Three Gorges Dam Project is the world’s largest water conservancy project. This great dam brings various benefits, including flood control, power generation, irrigation, water supply, shipping, tourism, ecological protection, and environment purification.

Visit the Three Gorges for Free | Make Friends and Explore

Above: The Three Gorges Dam


Chongqing is the nearest city to the Three Gorges, known for its modern metropolis atmosphere and its spicy and delicious hot pot.

Visit the Three Gorges for Free | Make Friends and Explore

Above: Chonqing at night

Visit the Three Gorges for Free | Make Friends and Explore

Above: Chongqing’s famous hotpot

Details and Itinerary

Event Fee Note:  Apart from the round-trip transportation that will need to be paid on your own, all accommodation and food during the trip, form November 6th-10th, will be paid by the committee.

Trip Departure Location: Chongqing (committee can arrange the bus to pick you up at the airport or railway station in Chongqing.)

Trip End Location: Yichang,Hubei Province (After visiting the last scenic spot – the Three Gorges Dam, the committee can arrange the bus to drop you off at the Yichang airport or railway station.)

Visit the Three Gorges for Free | Make Friends and Explore Visit the Three Gorges for Free | Make Friends and Explore

Above: Images from the 5-star cruise.


Nov 6: Arrive at Chongqing and check in at Tongjing River Hotel. Have a meal and relax at the hot springs.

Nov 7: Visit Chongqing Liangjiang Movie City to experience the history of the republic of China and the Chongqing region; eat Chongqing hot pot; visit the Three Gorges Museum; savor the folk culture and architectural scenery of Hongyadong.

Visit the Three Gorges for Free | Make Friends and Explore

Above: Ancient architecture of Hongyadong.

Nov 8: Visit the world’s only ancient hydrological station in Baiheliang within the Fuling District; watch a performance by world famous performers and artists.

Nov 9: Visit Baidi City, a famous historical and cultural city in Fengjie County, and watch a large-scale performance inspired by the natural scenery and directed by internationally famous director Mr. Zhang Yimou.

Visit the Three Gorges for Free | Make Friends and Explore

Above: Baidi City of Poetry

Nov 10: Arrive at Wushan County, Chongqing, and take a ferry to visit the primitive valley “Goddess River” and the world’s largest water conservancy power station, the Three Gorges Dam. After the trip, tourists will be dropped off at the Yichang Tourist Service Center/airport/railway station/hotel, etc.

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