The winners are in! After a month full of nominations, voting and the judges – we can finally reveal who you chose to celebrate this year in the city! For the 2018 Chengdu-Expat Awards, we partnered with DiDi English Version as we couldn’t think of anyone better that had the lowdown on where your favourite places to go in the city are.Best of Chengdu | Chengdu Expat AwardThis year, 30% of the vote was decided by judges from Chengdu’s International community. There were 3 requirements; they had to be in Chengdu for 4 years or more, have expertise in their category and love living in the city. The majority of the vote of course went to you. The people who make up the very fabric of Chengdu’s complicated weave. The people that keep the restaurants, hotels, bars and community doors open daily. So, who did you chose?Best Hotel – Andaman VillageJudged by Sonam Gyaltsen. Restauranteur and travel agency owner, Sonam was born in Nepal and raised in NYC. Best of Chengdu | Chengdu Expat AwardRunners Up1st Runner-up | The Temple House2nd Runner-up | The Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu Best Cocktail Bar – Revolucion Cocktail ChengduJudged by Marlon Anastasio Sulindro.  Marlon has 8 years experience in Chengdu, is a qualified sommelier and cocktail maker. He is currently assistant Director of Operations at Manhattan Club & Restaurant.Best of Chengdu | Chengdu Expat AwardRunners Up1st Runner-up | JING Bar | The Temple House2nd Runner-up | Lotus Best Wine BarLe Coq Au VinJudged by Yingxia Hu (Cassie). Cassie is currently The Temple House’s certified sommelier. She was “China’s 2018 Best Sommerlier in the competition of French wine” and the first runner-up in “Asia’s Best Sommerlier Comeptition of French Wine 2018”. Best of Chengdu | Chengdu Expat AwardRunners Up1st Runner-up | La Cave2nd Runner-up | Vinoteka Best Beer BarFoam Ranger TaproomJudged by 老姜 LaoJiang. President, Chengdu Craft Beer Association.Best of Chengdu | Chengdu Expat AwardRunners Up1st Runner-up | The Beer Nest 12nd Runner-up | Nanmen Craft BreweryBest American RestaurantHome PlateJudged by Rachel Wethers. Louisiana born, Creole soul food cook Rachel – has 5 years experience in Chengdu. She is the owner of Chengdu Restaurant Review and runs regular American soul food takeovers at venues around the city. Best of Chengdu | Chengdu Expat Award1st Runner-up | Mike’s Pizza Kitchen2nd Runner-up | Peter’s Tex MexBest European Restaurant –  Gli AzzurriJudged by Diane Sonam. Intense TCK foodie who loves exploring and trying and sometimes failing to understand the dynamic city she calls home. She has over 12 years experience living in Chengdu. Best of Chengdu | Chengdu Expat Award1st Runner-up | Munchwich Café & Eatery2nd Runner-up | Bucciano, Wine & Dine Italian RestaurantBest Asian Restaurant – Kathmandu RestaurantJudged by Harriet Sheffer. Harri is the General Manager of Chengdu-Expat and former Pan-Asian private chef with experience in Michelin Kitchens. Best of Chengdu | Chengdu Expat Award1st Runner-up | The Diner2nd Runner-up | Cacaja/ Spice Magic Indian RestaurantBest Café Bakery – Munchwich Café & EateryJudged by Flora Boillot. Cultural Attachée – General Consulate of France in Chengdu. Best of Chengdu | Chengdu Expat Award1st Runner-up | Origins Coffee Company2nd Runner-up | Wheat & BakerBest Delivery Service – Munchwich Café & EateryJudged by Shaz. With almost 8 years experience livingin Chengdu, this famed foodie reckons there aren’t many international eateries he is yet to try.Best of Chengdu | Chengdu Expat Award1st Runner-up | Mike’s Pizza2nd Runner-up | Rob’s MVP Pizza & ArcadeHospitality of the Year – Irfan (The Sultan Middle Eastern Restaurant)Judged by Dieter Vanonckelen. Founder of and 9 years experience living in the city.Best of Chengdu | Chengdu Expat Award1st Runner-up | Sogyal & Nori (Kathmandu)2nd Runner-up | Maggie (Tim’s Bar-B-Q)Event of the Year – 2018 Chengdu Holiday BazaarJudged by Ben Metcalf. Formerly the GM of the British Chamber of Commerce South West China and currently the General Manager China of BGTA, Ben is no stranger at planning events. He was previously the organiser of Burns Night, British Day, regular Inter-Chambers Mixers and Young Profressional Mixers. Best of Chengdu | Chengdu Expat Award1st Runner-up | Jellyfish Beach Party2nd Runner-up | Startup Grind Christmas PartyBest Reoccurring Event – Chengdu Animal Rescue’s FundraisersJudged by Jean-Sebastien LaurensonJean has 10 years experience living in Chengdu.  He is the founder and manager of several start-ups in China (Plan B, E4-Events, Ilusio), and also an active partners in some of Chengdu F&B popular venues, as well as the South West of China’s French Chamber of Commerce representative (CCIFC).Best of Chengdu | Chengdu Expat AwardRunners Up1st Runner-up | Mama Rachel’s Kitchen Takeovers2nd Runner-up | Orange CommunityBest Sporting Community – CIFL -Chengdu International Football LeagueJudged by Richie. Sports fan and keen athlete, Rich has organised weekly meet-ups for both the international and Chinese community for four years in the city and is a die-hard WMD player and supporter. Best of Chengdu | Chengdu Expat Award1st Runner-up | K2Fit2nd Runner-up | B Active FitnessBest NewcomerKathmandu.Judged by Kasia Wilkowiecka, Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Chengdu. Best of Chengdu | Chengdu Expat AwardRunners Up1st Runner-up | Yalla Yalla2nd Runner-up | Gili’s Restaurant & Bar Best NightclubJellyfishJudged by Shane, Music Director / club owner (soon to be) / Single. Best of Chengdu | Chengdu Expat Award1st Runner-up | Propaganda2nd Runner-up | .TAG Restaurant Most Visited By DiDi English – Peter’s Tex-Mex GrillBetween January 1st 2018 and December 31st 2018Best of Chengdu | Chengdu Expat Award People’s Choice Awards – Rob’s MVP Pizza, Subs and ArcadeThe company that received the most nominations, and votes across all categories through out the awards.Best of Chengdu | Chengdu Expat Award A huge thank you to all the companies, people and communities, who took part in this year’s Chengdu-Expat awards. It’s great to be apart of such an active community, who work hard to bring great things to the city we call home.

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