Sam’s Club: Eat Well and Prosper

Do you have concerns about food safety and hygiene? Amid a constant barrage of news on food-borne illness, Sam’s Club ensures its members have access to the highest quality fresh food and pantry items. If Mandarin isn’t your first language, it might be difficult to understand what you are buying. Navigating your way through the store is a breeze with bilingual signage, and rest assured that product labels make information accessible for locals and expats alike. Determining the source and clear product information is of utmost importance when matching food to dietary requirements. Sam’s Club provides information in English on origin, item contents, and has third-party certification on many items for complete peace of mind.Those who prefer shopping at home will love that the Sam’s Club App provides detailed overviews and sourcing specifications in English.Sam’s Club is committed to the highest quality standards. As a result, this easy access to reliable food enables you to maintain a healthy diet for you and your family. With the hustle of daily life, free time is hard to find, so relax and head to Sam’s Club for the absolute best in quality and convenience.

For more information about Sam’s Club and the Sam’s Club APP scan the QR-code below.


Sam’s Club

Chengdu, No. 9 Jinxin Rd. Jinniu District 金牛区金鑫大道9号

CDIS China Chengdu

Opening time:

8 am to 10 pm

Author: CdExpat_Jana

CDIS China Chengdu