Coffee culture in China has come a long way from convenience store coffee in a can, or instant with creamer – but great single origin beans or locally roasted blends can still be hard to come by. You&Coffee is a new roastery in Chongqing, that source, roast, grind and deliver specialty coffee to your door in less than 24 hours.

Roasted weekly, the beans are rested for 48 hours on the shelf in air-tight containers, to produce the sweetest natural flavor.

As an exclusive offer for followers of Chengdu-Expat,

You&Coffee are offering:

10% off when you order 1 package

20% off when you order 2 packages


Simply choose the type of coffee beans you would like to try and they will send the beans whole, or grind them to suit your coffee machine, and then deliver it to your door.

(Please note delivery is not included. The offer applies to the 250g and 500g packages of single origin coffee, or the 500g of espresso.)

So what will it be? All of the following beans are roasted weekly to ensure maximum freshness:

Single Origin Coffee

Light roast


  • Ethiopia Guji Red: altitude over 1700m, dry processed, flavor like strawberry and blackcurrant, aroma: floral.
  • Guatemala Antigua: altitude over 1200m, washed processed, aroma: floral, citrus, flavor: chocolate, sweet, nutty (slight).
  • Costa Rica Tarrazu: altitude over 1200m, process: black honey, aroma: intense, fragrant, brown sugar, flavor: citrus, tropical fruit, apricot.
  • Indonesia Mandhaling: (best seller): altitude: over 1300m, process: wet-hulling, aroma: chocolate and cocoa like, flavor: chocolate, almond. Smooth flavor, full body.
  • Columbia Medellin: altitude: 1200-2000m, process: washed, aroma: sweet (caramel), cocoa, flavor: sweet (fruity), citrus, Nutty (slight).



Costa Rica Tarrazu, with flavours of citrus, tropical fruit, and apricot.

250g – ¥98

500g – ¥198


Espresso Blends

medium; medium-dark roast

  • Tiger blend (a blend of coffee beans from Yunnan, Columbia, Indonesia). Notes of chocolate, light bitterness.
  • Woodpecker blend (a blend of coffee beans from Guatemala, Columbia, Ethiopia). Notes of almonds and chocolate.

Bitter from the tiger or almonds from the woodpecker?

Woodpecker Blend 500g – ¥90

Espresso Blend 500g – ¥76


How To Order


Scan the QR code below

or add WeChat ID youandcoffee88

You can choose 2 bags of different coffee beans in your box to get 20% off (or 1 bag for 10% off).

Photos by Joselle Amahit

Check what customers are saying about You&Cofee’s products, try it today!

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