Getting access to the healthcare you’re used to back home, isn’t always easy in Chengdu. Treatment for aches and pains, or rehabilitation after a sports injury can sometimes be frustrating, but Recovery Plus is changing that.▲ Recovery Plus is the first clinic group in China to combine cardiopulmonary and orthopedic rehabilitation together to treat patients.Situated in Gaoxin District, they have an in-house team of internationally trained doctors and specialists; including endocrinologists, cardiologists, physical therapist, clinical exercise physiologists, strength and fitness specialist, and dietitians. These specialists offer a comprehensive list of treatments:
  • Sports injury therapy
  • Chronic pain treatment
  • Orthopedic surgery rehabilitation
  • Posture correction
  • Weight management
  • Treatment of cardiovascular diseases
They pair expert advice, with state of the art equipment; they have a therapy pool, offer CPET fitness tests and have a cryotherapy machine.Cryotherapy is a hyper-cooling process that lowers a person’s skin temperature to around 30 degrees Fahrenheit, for a period of up to three minutes by enveloping the body with extremely cold air. Liquid nitrogen is used to cool the body and reduce inflammation following injuries or intense activity.▲ Cryotherapy has become a favorite treatment for many professional athletes and celebrities.These short sessions are pain-free and by increasing blood flow to the area accelerating recovery. We went to check out their facilities after hitting marathon season hard – to see what services they offer that could help:
1. Rehabilitation Plans
If you’ve undergone surgery, or have a reoccurring injury from a sport, or trauma their team of specialists can create a comprehensive rehabilitation plan for you.
2. Disease Management
Recovery Plus’ dietitians and clinicians specialize in creating nutrition and exercise plans for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. They help treat coronary heart disease, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, diabetes, hyperuricemia, and other metabolic illnesses.
 3. IFC Evaluation
InBody analysis, fundamental movement skills and CPETIf you’re in training for a sports event, or you’re someone who wants a healthier and more active lifestyle – having your body correctly analyzed can prevent injury, and help you maximize your potential.At Recovery Plus, they can conduct a multi-dimensional evaluation to give you a precise reading on your body’s capabilities, injury risks, and cardiopulmonary ability.The CPET tests are conducted on a treadmill, and monitor your oxygen intake, heart rate, and recovery, which can give you useful information if you’re traveling to Tibet or other high altitude places.
4. Online Assistance
Recovery Plus has an app containing you rehabilitation programs, with exercises videos, and advice – so you can continue your treatment when you’re on the move. You’re also able to use it to have online consultations with the doctors, so it’s really flexible.

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