The summer rains have cometh. June saw longer days and rarely-seen in the city sunsets, which inspired Chengdu’s talented community of photographers to hit the streets. This is June, through their lens:

The Vatican comes to Chengdu


Tianfu Da Dao’s Great Pyramids


Grandmas getting giddy


A pearl of purple


Earthquakes go but are not forgotten


Sunset and skyscrapers


We don’t mind how, as long as it’s Mahjong


Chengdu comes alive at night


She’s a natural beauty

CDIS China Chengdu


Pao Pao 熬菜!


Glow sticks grow from sticks


Stoney faced


Walk through the past


RuPaul eat your heart out




Account of the Month 


Chengdu based Zhang Yan is a life long photography enthusiast, and a contracted photographer of Visual China and Oriental IC. He is also a volunteer photographer at the Jinsha Museum of Chengdu, which focuses on cultural and artifact photography. A large number of photographs were published in Xinhua News, Chinese Culture Daily, National Geographic Chinese Network, CHINA DAILY, Sichuan Daily, Chengdu Daily, Chengdu Business Daily, Tianfu Culture Journal, Planet Research Institute and Cover News and other new media platforms. A big thank you to him for sharing his photos.

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Author: CdExpat_Team

CDIS China Chengdu