Check out our list of places for shopping & recreation in Chengdu.

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    Chengdu Open Air Music Park

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    Chengdu City Music Hall | 四川大剧院

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    Sichuan Theatre 四川大剧院

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    BURNer Record Store

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    Kuanzhai Alley

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    Tianfu Square

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    The Hang Records & Bar 得行唱片餐吧

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    Chengdu Red Art Museum

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    Sanlian Taofen Bookstore 三联韬奋书店

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    Nori Himalayan Handicrafts 喜马拉雅手工制作

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    Chengdu Library 成都图书馆

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    Toys R Us [UFun Store]

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    NIO House 蔚来中心

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    Decathlon Chengdu [Longquan Branch]

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    Qintai Road 琴台路

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    Teddy Bear Museum of China 泰迪熊博物馆

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    Sichuan Cuisine Museum 川菜博物馆

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    Ito Yokado Supermarket (Jianshe Road Store) 伊藤洋华堂 (建设路店)

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    Ito Yokado Supermarket (Second Tianfu Street Store) 伊藤洋华堂 (天府二街店)

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    Ito Yokado Supermarket (Jinhua Store) 伊藤洋华堂 (锦华店)

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