Want to see the sights? Check out our list of touristic destinations in Chengdu.

  • Chengdu Zoological Garden

    The Chengdu Zoo is one of the largest zoos in southwest China. Home to more than 300 species of animals, the park also houses a world-renowned panda exhibit.No.234, Zhaojuesi South Rd, Chenghua District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province 四川成都市成华区昭觉寺南路234号Ticket price:20 RMD per adultFree for kids under 1.2mOpening hours: 9am -4pm

  • Chengdu Seaside City Mall

    Chengdu Seaside City Mall offers many activities that have made it a top entertainment spot in Chengdu. Within the mall guests can visit the Cube Aquarium, relax on a manmade beach, climb a pirate ship, and go shopping in one of the largest shopping centers in China. The mall also Read more [...]

  • Haichang Polar Ocean Park

    Hiachang Polar Ocean Park is the largest marine life park in southwest China. Throughout the park you can see animals such as polar bears, sea lions, sharks, and penguins. Whale and dolphin shows, an artificial wave pool, and children’s activities help to provide a full day of family fun.No.2037, Tianfu Read more [...]

  • Stone Elephant Lake Ecological Resort

    Stone Elephant Lake has often been described as a representation of “the harmonious co-existence between man and nature”. This resort is the perfect example of peace and serenity. The park gets its name from the Stone Elephant Temple, an important Buddhist temple. The resort is home to sixteen scenic areas Read more [...]

  • Paradise Island Water Park

    Paradise Island Water Park is one of the world’s best indoor water parks. Ride the waves on Paradise Island’s wave simulator or slide down endless looping water slides. Guests can also enjoy the park’s Family Raft Ride or the exhilarating White Water Abyss. No matter which rides you choose to Read more [...]

  • Floraland Amusement Park

    Located in Wenchuan outside of Chengdu, Floraland Amusement Park is not only a theme and water park, but also a park in its own right. After the completion of its water park, Floraland became the largest outdoor aquatic centre in southwest China. Whether you want to cool off in the Read more [...]

  • Happy Valley Chengdu

    Located in Chengdu’s Jinniu district, Happy Valley offers visitors an exciting theme park experience. There are seven themed areas inside the park providing endless entertainment for both children and adults. From a circus and roller coasters to a sports center, Happy Valley is a great day out for the whole Read more [...]

  • Pengzhou, Bailu Town

    Bailu Town 白鹿镇  is around two hours from Chengdu in Pengzhou, one of the small mountain towns where people with vehicles like to take day trips. The place was the destination of French missionaries in the late 19th to early 20th century, and this connection to Europe is reflected in Read more [...]

  • Luodai

    Luodai 洛带 Luodai is more a “Touristic” than an “Old” town. Well, for Chinese touristic goes hand in hand with shopping and “热闹”. Not really an old town, lots of different shops, good to buy small souvenirs and stroll for an afternoon. The crowds are sure to be thick during Read more [...]

  • People’s Park

    Built in 1911 as Shaocheng Park (少城公园), it was the first public park in the Chengdu. Located in central Chengdu, near Tianfu Square and covering an area of 112,639 square meters, it is the largest green area in downtown Chengdu. The park features an artificial lake, several gardens and teahouses, Read more [...]

  • Jinsha Site Museum

    For many centuries, the Chinese have considered the Yellow river the cradle of Chinese civilization. But this began to change in 1986, when archaeological discoveries in Guanghan, about 40 minutes north of Chengdu, uncovered the Sanxingdui civilization, part of the mysterious Shu kingdom of the Shang dynasty, dating back some Read more [...]

  • Wenshu Monastery

    The Wenshu Monastery is the largest well-preserved Buddhist temple in downtown Chengdu. It was built in the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907) and is dedicated to Wenshu (Manjushri, the God of Wisdom). It is famous for abundant precious cultural relics, paintings and calligraphic works. Over 500 pieces of paintings and Read more [...]

  • The Alleys

    Visitors to Chengdu, post-Pandas, will often make it to one of the city’s “new old” walking streets, such as Wenshu Temple or Jinli Street. Be sure to add The Alleys to your list. It offers the same festive shopping and strolling, but with a level of redesign and restoration craftsmanship Read more [...]

  • Tibetan Neighbourhood

    One of Chengdu’s biggest drawing points is the fact that it is the one of the nearest significant cities in Mainland China to Tibet, and is therefore a stopping off point for many who are travelling to and from the highest point(s) on the globe. Prior to the completion of Read more [...]

  • Songxianqiao Curio Art City

    Songxianqiao Art City is near several of Chengdu’s other attractions – Qingyang Temple, Dufu’s Cottage, Huanhuaxi park, the Provincial Museum – but is well worth a visit on its own. There are several buildings joined by walkways through the upper levels, which are full of galleries, working artists’ lofts, and Read more [...]

  • Qing Yang Gong Green Ram Temple

    Five yuan will gain you entrance to the Palace of the Green Lamb. Actually, though, there are two of them, and they aren’t very green, more of a bronze/brown. Truth be told, they are hardly lambs. Of the two, the one horned lamb is the more significant. This fella made Read more [...]

  • Giant Panda Breeding Research Base

    Giant Panda Breeding Research Base 大熊猫繁殖研究基地The Panda Base is located in the northeast suburb of Chengdu, about 13km from downtown. It opened to the public in 1988 and now consists of a research center, an open research laboratory, a veterinary hospital, an enclosure and a playground for giant pandas. It Read more [...]

  • Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu

    Shopping and watching people!This conveniently accessible retail centre features a high-end brand mix including GUCCI, Cartier, Hermès, Versace, Chloé, Maria Luisa, I.T, Michael Kors, B&O, Leica and Apple Store. Quality culinary line-up includes popular restaurants like Din Tai Fung, Blue Frog, Element Fresh, The Abbaye, Let’s Seafood, The Temple Cafe Read more [...]

  • ShuiJintang

    Not that popular commercial real estate development just North of Lan Kwai Fong. Shuijin Jie project is the preservation of a neighborhood full of traditional courtyard houses transformed into contemporary architecture with a variety of shopping, entertainment and leisure options.Includes: Lenbach (German), More Fun gym, Senses Hair salon, etc.Hooters, 9 Read more [...]

  • Jinli Street

    Jinli StreetWuhou Temple Street (Tibetan Area)锦里古街 南门武侯祠大街Jǐn lǐ gǔ jiē Nán mén wǔ hóu cí dàjiē028-66311313Culture + Tourism30.690979, 104.048647


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