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    Online Tickets: 128RMBpp


    Until April 21. Daily, 10am – 10pm.


    M071, Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu. 成都远洋太古里M层M071号

     “.zip” stands for the uncompressing and generating of compressed files, which exists as a powerful metaphor, it refers to a type of format and personality and embodies the participation and joint development of different “formats”. Meanwhile, “format” also displays a kind of publicity and the tight relationship amongst people. In such a special times, media power’s extension is accompanied with the unceasing reproduction and evolution. 9 artists use their imagination to display a unique joint development on field domain by format. By switching the 9 parallel spaces, the audience can explore the relationship between immersion spaces and self-experience.

    Some of the artists are: Cao Yuxi, Feng Hao, Gan Jian, Raven Kwok, Hong Qile, In_K, Li Hui (ft.), Mao Wengweng, Pink Money, Q San (ft.), Refit Anadol, Shi Zheng, UFO, Wu Juehui, Wang Zhipeng and Zhang Yang.


    Amongst, the work .bug created by Pink Money and UFO bring the audience into a digital labyrinth, arouse the operating experience and memory of the audience who have experienced the process of computer’s intellectualization by means of continuous “errors”, thus to catch the aesthetic values behind the errors. The work of Embers created by Shi Zheng, aiming to explore the strange sense between digital art and audience, has set up a virtual scene, which is similar to the nature but is above the reality. 1194D³by Raven Kwok builds a co-existing state within a grid environment by virtue of geometric creatures created with geometrical finiteness. Fall Down by Feng Hao, based on the artist’s experience, uses a kind of interesting paradoxical relation to raise the relation problem between the current human being and their belief. Cornerstone by Gan Jian, presents the huge artificial city circles and expands with the center of optical axis, and by means of “light and sound, it presents the powers like religion, technology and institution thate led the human being’s development and transformation. Brainwave Communication by Hong Qile presents the virtual scene of ideal communications among people by adopting fractal, colors and sound fields. ORIENS V1.0 by James Yuxi Cao extends the audience’s experience of multi-level spatial dimension from the field spirit. Similarly, Flow Void by Flower and Emergence by In_K create unknown experience with virtual and abstract structural forms for audience. All of the works continuously break and rebuild our sense experience on the same time and space (physical space) between multi-sense organs, and the audience will travel through and be immersed in different paralleled imagined time and spaces, thus to start uncompressing for “zip archive” again.

      The exhibit is committed to developing the best experimental hotbed that carries future artistic ideas, with a view to expanding the audience’s experience in physical and dimensional spaces through different types of cross-media artworks, and inspiring them to think about the times and development to the full extent. In the meantime, the exhibition has also enhanced the exposure of Chinese young artists and their exchanges on the global stage, and uplifted the influence of China’s new media art in the international community.



    Fostering Cutting Edge Artwork

    Since 2006

      3-Legged Dog is a community-oriented and artist-run production development studio for emerging and established artists and organizations that create large-scale experimental artworks of all kinds. From our home 3LD Art & Technology Center in Lower Manhattan, 3LD has built an unrivaled talent magnet, drawing artists from around the globe to New York to create large-scale, immersive and technology-driven projects in New York City. Since opening in 2006, we have hosted thousands of artists through our 3LD Residency Program, offering a unique experience with 24/7 access to specialized equipment, flexible space and expert knowledge, as well as the desperately needed time to fully realize their visions.


      3-Legged Dog exists to produce new, original works in theater, performance, dance, media and hybrid forms. Our mission is to explore narrative possibilities created by digital technology; to foster artists’ self expression and skill through training initiatives; and to provide an open environment free of censorship for artists to create new works, tools and modes of expression so that they can excel across a range of disciplines.



    In 2015, the “Future of Today: Imaginary Future” organized by Today Art Museum (TAM) was initially held and received very high attention. In July 2017, based on the “.zip” theme, the “Future of Today” project developed the thinking of arts by means of format”. The Exhibition arranged different artists’ works together in order, by which the different expression forms of arts in different time and space concepts enlightened people’s thinking on existence and future.

    In December 2017, TAM brought “Future of Today” in New York and again presented the “format space”. In the manner of “Album”, the Exhibition “zipped” 9 immersive works with different themes and then “unzipped” them into a novel and imaginative immersive field domain.

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