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COVID-19 in Chengdu: The Latest

The latest updates:Updated November 30th 2022, 11:30705New cases in Chengdu(Nov.

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Where to Watch the 2022 World Cup in Chengdu

• Get ready for the FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022!

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2022 Chengdu Marathon: Full Information

2022 Chengdu MarathonThe Chengdu Marathon is the first marathon race

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2022 China-time Qatar World Cup Schedule

• Get ready for the FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022!

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QSI International School of Chengdu is Hiring

 About Quality Schools International (QSI)QSI is expanding our programs to

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2022 Chengdu Thanksgiving Events

Thanksgiving celebrations are all about cooking and sharing an abundance

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Where to Happy Hour in Chengdu

Chengdu brings about a fantastic array of bars with themes ranging from French Winehouses to german beer houses to award winning cocktail bars and everything in-between.

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Returning to China: Tests in Transit NO Longer Required

• This week 20 updated COVID-19 prevention and control measure

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China Shortens Quarantine to 5+3 for ALL Cities

GOOD NEWS!• China released 20 updated COVID-19 prevention and control

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Until Jan. 15: A Trip Down Memory Afternoon Tea

Nov. 18 – March 30: NY Funtique Exhibition

Until Dec. 12: World Cup @ The Beer Nest

Until Dec. 3: Leaping The World Cup

Dec. 3: The 2022 Chengdu Christmas Gala

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Walnut Co-Working (Shimao)

Chengdu Metro Line 2 Baiguolin Station

Ma Wangzi Sichuan Restaurant

Helen’s 西餐吧

[CLOSED] CASA’s Woodfire Kitchen

Shao Brew Chuan

JingDian 2000

Tous Les Jours 多乐之日

Above the Cloud Taproom 在云精酿啤酒馆

Munchen 1810

Hedge Wine Bar 海致红酒馆

Natooke [Shop closed end of 2017]