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Where to Happy Hour in Chengdu

Chengdu brings about a fantastic array of bars with themes ranging from French Winehouses to german beer houses to award winning cocktail bars and everything in-between.

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Chengdu International School Together for 25 Years

Chengdu International School Together for 25 Years With the start of


Eco-friendly China: Household Buys

• The amount of disposable plastics we use, can really

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COVID-19 in Chengdu: The Latest

The latest updates:Updated September 22th 2022, 13:00 1New cases in Chengdu(Sept.


Chengdu Fully Reopening Tonight!

Almost the whole of Chengdu will fully reopen tonight! Only


Overview of Chengdu PSB’s (Public Security Bureaus)

Tianfu Square PSB: 028-86407769Tianfu New Area PSB: 028-86409519Gaoxin PSB: 028-86374457Jinjiang


Most of Chengdu Out of Strict Lockdown on Sept. 15, 12:00

Except for the districts that were already open, the strict


Recommend Léman International School Today

Do you know a family that wants their child to


Chengdu in ‘Soft’ Lockdown

From 6pm on September 1st, the whole city of Chengdu

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June 27- Oct. 9: Van Gogh Alive The Experience, Chengdu

Until Oct. 2: All Food 50% OFF @Great Leap

Until Nov. 27: Escape With The Louvre Exhibition

Oct. 1: Tim’s Bar-B-Q 6th Year Anniversary

Oct. 1-8: The Beer Nest “Beer Of The Week”


Sisyphe Books & Coffee 西西弗书店

Cell Phone Street 手机城

Elegant Courtyard 里外院

Denizens of the Riverside

QG Tattoo

Full House Bar [CLOSED]

Pause Coffee Express 太古里店

Butcher Barbers

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[CLOSED] Wild West Brewery Taproom (Jinli)

Yan Cheng Ren Jia 盐城人家川菜馆

Shang Palace 香宫

Allbirds Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu

Paradis Tapas Bar Chengdu

FIELDS CONCORD 十域·至臻 (太古里店)