UEFA EURO 2024 Schedule (China-time)

UEFA EURO CUP 2024 🏆Groups, full schedule, dates, venues, more The group stage draw for the 2024 European Championships has been made and the tournament in Germany this summer and it is going to be a brilliant 24-team event in

1 Day Wonders – Day Trips Around Chengdu

One of the best things about living in Chengdu, is how easy it is to hop on a train or a bus, and in a few hours be somewhere beautiful.

Must-See Tourist Attractions in Chengdu

From the modern and renewed Panda Base to the historic and tranquil Wenshu Monastery, there are so many must-visit attractions in Chengdu, which are believed to be the best places to soak up the quintessence of the city’s fascinating culture.People’s

Craft Coffee in Chengdu – The Daily Grind

Lusting after a proper cup of joe in Chengdu? The Chengdu-Expat team spills the beans on where best to get your daily caffeine hit in the ‘Du. Long gone are the days in South West China where the only coffee drinks

7 Must Eat Dishes in Chengdu

7 Must Eat Dishes in ChengduBeyond the classics…We love Mapo Tofu, Twice Cooked Pork and Gong Bao (yes Kung Pow) Chicken, but there’s so much more to food in Chengdu than these old time favorites. We want to show you the

How to Travel, Pay, Get SIM & Live in China – New Expat Guide

How to Travel, Pay, Get SIM & Live in China – New Expat GuideHere is a pretty comprehensive guide to useful tips on day-to-day life in China, such as; travel, mobile payment, and more. This content is useful mostly for

Vegetarian Restaurants in Chengdu

Chengdu is rich with Buddhist influences, so vegetarian dishes and restaurants should be available in abundance…But, if a stroll down the average hotpot riddled street leaves you wanting more diverse and exciting vegetarian options, then this list is for you.

Experiencing Vision Loss or Blurred Vision? Get checked NOW!

Avoid Film Damage… with AIER Sichuan Eye Hospital• Do you experience vision loss, blurred vision, or feel as if there are little bugs flying around in front of your eyes when you look at something?• Do these occur just because

How to Find what you’re Looking for in Chengdu

Having difficulties trying to find what you are looking for in Chengdu?Having difficulties trying to find what you are looking for in Chengdu? Over the last few years, we’ve been working hard on our portfolio of products (website, Mini-Program, WeChat

Join HawkTrading: Your E-Commerce Partnership Opportunity

Join HawkTrading: Your E-Commerce Partnership OpportunityDelivering high-quality products and services across the globe Who We Are:HawkTrading is a dynamic international trading company with our own factories in China, delivering high-quality products and services across the globe. Established in 2015, we have

Start your first English Football Class at Little Kickers!

Start your first English Football Class at Little Kickers! What is Little KickersLittle Kickers was established in London (UK) in 2002 and now is the world’s largest provider of pre-school football classes. We are dedicated to providing all pre-school children

Italian Restaurants in Chengdu

 Pizza, Pasta and Plenty of choice.Here’s our comprehensive list of all the Italian restaurants in the City. Gli Azzuri Gli Azzurri, Italian Restaurant, most likely the best Italian in Chengdu, brought to you by a former Ritz-Carlton Chef.Before located in iBox,

QSI Exploration Camp 2024

QSI Exploration Camp 2024QSI Chengdu Summer Camp 2023 was a great success with over 160 students registered between the ages of 3 to 18, not only from QSI, but also from other international, bilingual and local schools.QSI Chengdu prides itself

Spanish Restaurants in Chengdu

Whether you’re craving some Tapas, Enchilada’s or Paella we’ve got you covered.Here’s a list of the Spanish Restaurants in the City.La Picada Spanish Restaurant A traditional tapas restaurant (before called Innovate Food) with Spanish classics such as paella. You can find

Must-Visit Museums in Chengdu

Must-Visit Museums in Chengdu Sichuan Science and Technology Museum四川科技馆​ The Museum which spans 4 floors offers an array of exhibitions and activities. The first floor provides its visitors with a chance to engage with aviation technology, as well as water conservancy

Supercharge your Chinese in Stunning Sichuan this Summer

A Full Immersion Scenic Summer CampIf learning Chinese is one of your resolutions this year, and traveling another, then this is the place for you.From July 22nd – 29th July, Chinese Corner will organize a Chinese Immersion Summer Camp, offering

Guide to Taking Chengdu Metro and Bus with Alipay

Guide to Taking Chengdu Metro and Bus with Alipay • In 2023, Alipay rolled out new upgrades to make mobile payment services more accessible and convenient for international visitors to China. For more details about that, click here.•Starting on December 6, 2023, people

An International Dental Hospital You Can Trust in Chengdu

You’re in safe hands with Bremen United Dental Hospital Living in China and knowing where best to take your loved ones when they need medical care can be daunting. As we’re not always sure where best to seek help, in

TaiKoo Li Chengdu Turns Nine

「THE GIFT OF TIME」Taikoo Li Chengdu Nineth Anniversary CelebrationTaikoo Li Chengdu was finished nine years ago, and really changed the dynamic of the city. It has quickly become the key destination for luxury and lifestyle shops, bars and restaurants in

Chengdu’s Viral “Disneyland” (Sichuan, China)

• Last year there were rumours of Disneyland possibly opening in Chengdu, but meanwhile our fine city has started its own ‘local Disney’ – which has gone viral on Chinese social media this week.• A modest outdoor community fitness area