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Eco-friendly Chengdu: Household Buys

• The amount of disposable plastics we use, can really make us feel guilty, and rightly so. But there are easy ways we can change what we buy, to make a big difference. BambooComet is a Chengdu startup setting a

COVID-19 in Chengdu: The Latest

The latest updates:Updated September 22th 2022, 13:00 1New cases in Chengdu(Sept. 18-21)0New community level COVID cases in Chengdu(Sept. 14-21)0High-risk areas in Chengdu12Medium-risk areas in Chengdu Chengdu reached 0 community transmission for the 5th day in a row.COVID testing stays in placeFree COVID

Chengdu Fully Reopening Tonight!

Almost the whole of Chengdu will fully reopen tonight! Only a few areas have to wait until tomorrow noonThis incudes dining in at restaurants (several already start opening right now), bars, sports and other entertainment venues. Currently no events can

Overview of Chengdu PSB’s (Public Security Bureaus)

Tianfu Square PSB: 028-86407769Tianfu New Area PSB: 028-86409519Gaoxin PSB: 028-86374457Jinjiang PSB: 028-84550530Qingyang PSB: 028-86115271Jinniu PSB: 028-87707285Wuhou PSB: 028-96166Chenghua PSB: 028-86406455Longquanyi PSB: 028-84882862Qingbaijiang PSB: 028-83680028Xindu PSB: 028-83932922Wenjiang PSB: 028-82711742Shuangliu PSB: 028-85807093Pidu PSB: 028-87886669Xinjin PSB: 028-82530370Jianyang PSB: 028-27229381Dujiangyan PSB: 028-61929039Pengzhou PSB: 028-83875614Qionglai

Most of Chengdu Out of Strict Lockdown on Sept. 15, 12:00

Except for the districts that were already open, the strict lockdown will end for most of Chengdu from September 15, 12:00.These new areas will be lifted out of lockdown:-Jinjiang District 锦江区-Shuangliu District 双流区-Jinniu District, except Fugang area 金牛区(除抚琴街道)-Gaoxin District, except

Recommend Léman International School Today

Do you know a family that wants their child to receive more support and encouragement to achieve their academic and personal goals? Why not recommend Léman International School Chengdu?Why LémanWe know one of the most important decisions a family makes

Chengdu in ‘Soft’ Lockdown

From 6pm on September 1st, the whole city of Chengdu went in ‘soft lockdown’. All residents are requested to stay at home, and non-residents of the community shall not enter. On the evening of September 7th, the ‘soft’ lockdown in

Final Preparations for the New School Year!

Final Preparations for the New School YearAfter a busy summer of preparation, the team at SPGS International School Chengdu is very excited to be welcoming back all our existing students and to getting to know our many new children and

What’s Closed (and Open) in Chengdu

[Updated September 15th] NOTE: Most places will require a 48h or even 24h negative test report.Malls are reopening, some restaurants as well. Bars and sports venues still have to still closed until further notice.It is a really crucial time to come

Cheap Things To Do in Chengdu

If you know where to look, you get get by in Chengdu for a lot less than you’d think.

Join Chengdu FVBC Choir: Friends of Vienna Boys Choir

• The Chengdu FVBC (Chengdu Friends of Vienna Boys Choir) is a member of the family “Friends of Vienna Boys Choirs” in China. It serves children from 4 to 18 years in Chengdu by using well established and traditional Austrian

Western Sandwiches and Salad Delivery in Chengdu

You may have noticed, but Chengdu is HOT! Really, really, hot. There’s really only a few things for it in this weather. Submerge yourself at the Pool. Or staying at home with the AC blasting & Netflix on auto-play.Whichever of

YOU Should Be Eligible for Tax Return in China

 •Are you working as a teacher in international school, a kindergarten or an overseas company in China?•Do you know how much Income tax you pay every year?•Do you know that you are entitled to claim your tax back for previous

Where to Happy Hour in Chengdu

Chengdu brings about a fantastic array of bars with themes ranging from French Winehouses to german beer houses to award winning cocktail bars and everything in-between.

August 2022: All Flights In & Out of China

August 2022: All Flights In & Out of China• First things first: returning to China from abroad is still not easy, and you will have to undergo quarantine upon arrival. Booking a flight (not to mention an affordable one) is

2022 Chengdu Chinese Valentine’s Specials

Whether you’re looking forward to a night out with your sweetheart or looking to make a new connection, romance is in the air.Check out where to celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day 2022 in Chengdu.1. RestaurantsG’s Bistro & BrunchDeal: see the poster

Shake Shack Opens in Chengdu!

Big news burger lovers! Chengdu joins Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Macau, AND Hong Kong today, as a city home to one of New York’s most loved burger brands SHAKE SHACK.We’ve been watching the green bamboo hoarding, covering the construction of the new

Chengdu Wine Lovers Cheer Up

• Chengdu wine lovers cheer up!• If you’re looking for interesting wine selections but not for all the money in the world, check out this mini-app!Laowine has been delivering wines across China since last February and they do so in Chengdu

July 2022: All Flights In & Out of China [UPDATED]

• First things first: returning to China from abroad is still not easy, and you will have to undergo quarantine upon arrival. Booking a flight (not to mention an affordable one) is another problem, and should you contract COVID abroad, you’d have

Cool Down: Water Sports in Chengdu

Cool Down: Water Sports in ChengduSummer is heating up, but your belly is also bulging from sitting in air-conditioned room all day. Not to worry, the following water sports are cool and fun, perfect ways to escape the summer heat