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Coronavirus (Chengdu): Statistics and Useful Information

 Confirmed Cases and Geographical Distribution (Jan. 28, 12:20)Chengdu: 33 confirmed cases, all quarantined.•Chenghua District: 3•Gaoxin District: 3•Jinjiang District: 2•Qingyang District: 2•Wenjiang District: 1•Wuhou District: 1•People traveling from outside: 21.Twenty male, 12 female. Youngest 20 years, oldest 82 years.Source: Weibo.  

Novel Coronavirus: How to Track the Latest Statistics

Novel Coronavirus: How to Track the Latest StatisticsAs a continuous stream of information comes out from various sources on China’s novel coronavirus outbreak – its useful to know how your city is being affected by the infectious (Chinese :

Coronavirus | Official Report from Chengdu Center for Disease Prevention & Control

To effectively prevent and control the current pneumonia epidemic of a new coronavirus, Sichuan Province initiated the level-1 public health emergency plan on January 24. To keep you and your relatives healthy and safe, the following tips are suggested by

What’s Closed (and Open) in Chengdu

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Chengdu, all big events are cancelled.Touristic spots, museums, bars, restaurants and clubs are also closed till further notice.For yours and the safety of other people, police have been making door to door

Wuhan Coronavirus: Latest Updates -Death Toll Rises to 106, CNY Holiday extended

Data statistics, as of 2020/01/28 11:40Coronavirus death count rises to 81, confirmed cases doubled in 24 hours and Spring Festival holiday has officially been extended until February 2.China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan): 4535 cases confirmed, 6973 suspected ill,

How to Keep Yourself Safe from Coronavirus

Here’s how to Protect Yourself Against Coronavirus1.Wash your hands with soap and water to minimize your infection risk. The best way to prevent coronavirus is to wash your hands as often as possible. Wet your hands with warm water, then

Lantern Festivals In and Around Chengdu [CANCELLED]

UPDATE: Due to the spread of Coronavirus, ALL Lantern Festivals have been CANCELLED.Chinese New Year is coming and the Lantern Festival is a highlight of the Chinese New Year festivities, celebrating both the first day of the New Year and the

The Best of Chengdu · 2019 Chengdu Expat Winners

 The winners are in! A month full of nominations, voting and the judges – we can finally reveal who you chose to celebrate this year in the city! For the 2019 Chengdu-Expat Awards.This year, 30% of the vote was decided by judges

Chengdu-Expat Awards • The Shortlist & Party!

Last week voting opened for the 2019 Chengdu-Expat Awards. A big thank you to the 5000+ people that took the time to vote for the communities, places, and people that made living in Chengdu so special in 2019. As a reminder, the 2019 Chengdu-Expat Awards

Join the Chengdu Rugby Fun

成都橄榄球俱乐部正在寻找新的会员Chengdu Rugby Football Club is now recruiting players 成都橄榄球俱乐部成立于2006年2月,是国内最早成立的业余橄榄球俱乐部球队之一。目前俱乐部内有两支球队-一支男队(Chengdu Pandas)和一支女队(Ruckin’ Reds)。队内成员来自不同的国籍、不同的背景。Formed in Feb 2006, the Chengdu Rugby Football Club is one of the foremost social (rugby) teams in China. There are currently two teams within the club – a men’s team

2019 Chengdu: The Year in Review

How closely did you pay attention to the happenings of last year? Here, we review some of the major developments that captured our attention in 2019.World Police & Fire GamesThe 2019 World Police and Fire Games (WPFG) concluded on Aug 18 in Chengdu. Known

2019 Chengdu-Expat Awards • Vote NOW!

Last week the nominations opened for the 2019 Chengdu-Expat Awards. A big thank you to everyone who took the time to tell us the communities, places, and people that made living in Chengdu so special in 2019. We received over 1000 nominations, which closed at midnight

A Guide to Paying Utility Bills in Chengdu

So you’ve finally sorted out your apartment, but you still have to pay your utility bills. Here is how to pay for gas, electricity, water, and management fees in Chengdu.Gas Generally speaking, there are two ways of doing this:1. Pay in

2019 Awards • Nominate Your Favorites NOW!

Don’t miss the chance to have your voice heard by helping award those communities, places, and people that made living in Chengdu so special in 2019 and encourage them to keep doing better. Nominations through our official WeChat account will

Chengdu Metro Line 5 is Officially Open

Big news for the Chengdu Metro today, both Line 5 and phase II of Line 10 are now open!The new Line 5 counts 41 stations and is 30 miles (49.018 Kilometres) long, making it the longest length construction in one time and the biggest

Top 20 Apps You Can’t Live Without in China

Turbocharge your experience in China by adding these apps to your arsenal. If you haven’t noticed already people in China’s lives are dominated by their mobile phones, from mobile payments to transport, your mobile phone can be used to do almost

2019 Chengdu Metro Map

With the opening of Chengdu Line 5 and phase II of Line 10 December this year, more than 100kilometers of new tracks were added in 2019. The total route length of the Chengdu metro system now extends as far as

2019 New Year’s Eve in Chengdu

As 2019 is coming to an end, it’s time to celebrate Chengdu! There are dinners, drinks specials, parties and big nights out to help you bring in 2020. Which will you choose?1. DinnersBlack & White New Year’s Eve @ NiccoloAddress:The

Helpful Western Medicines in Chinese

So you got sick in China but you’re not ready to try Traditional Chinese Medicine yet? That’s ok, we got you covered! Here’s a useful list of the most common western medicines with Chinese translations that you can take to

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