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FIRE RING: New Bridge in Chengdu’s South

Several iconic bridges in Chengdu have turned into WeChat-moments-spam over the last year and a half.  Recently a jaw dropper has just been unveiled, in Chengdu’s financial district . You’ll be sure to see your moments lit up with this one soon…If you’re a budding photographer,

Vaccination For Foreigners in Chengdu

• Earlier, official sources stated that from May 28, 2021, foreign nationals in age-specific groups could obtain the COVID-19 vaccine in Chengdu.• Previously only selected people were able to obtain it, mostly via their employer. Others were called by their

International Flight Latest Updates: China

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) are an organisation at the heart of Chinese aviation and regularly update their website with the latest flight information from around the world- a service we find helpful in this uncertain time of

China’s Vaccine Passport: Internationally Recognised

Recently official sources announced that foreigners in China can obtain an internationally recognized, bilingual Certificate of COVID Vaccination. HOWEVER after extensive research, we found that this COVID certificate isn’t available in the majority of cities at this moment, but you can

Where to Watch the EURO 2020 Final in Chengdu

• The UEFA EURO 2020 final is taking place at Wembley Stadium in London on Sunday 11 July at 21:00 CET (July 12th, 3am China time).• Who is in the EURO 2020 final?In Sunday’s showpiece Italy, who beat Spain on

Léman Students Celebrate Best Ever IB Results

Our students achieve more than they may have thought possible. We believe there is no limit to what students can achieve socially, personally and academically. This year, our students’ academic results reflect our shared commitment to excellence in this area.We are

Paragliding in Chengdu: Fly Without Wings!

Most of us have little doubt in our minds, that Chengdu is a really great place to live – but the lack of blue sky days and places to adventure to – is something that can get you down. GoPara is

July 2021: All Flights In & Out of China

• Check out the full list of international flights to and from China below!• Do let us know in the comment section if you know of any updates.Here is the list of the international passengers flights – updated on July 6th, 2021.Image: China Eastern

Criminal Record Certificate in Chengdu: Guidelines

A overlooked item that may be required when changing jobs is your criminal record covering the time you were living in China. Most of us will have had to deal with obtaining a criminal record check from our own countries

Chengdu Light Shows: 100 Years of Communism

 As the Communist Party of China (CPC) prepares to celebrate its centennial this week, Chinese government bodies and society alike are holding various activities, from preparing for the grand celebration, decorations, lights on landmark buildings, to activities that recall and

Jail Time for Foreigners in Escalated Misunderstanding

 A fight between 3 Moroccans and 2 local people from Chengdu saw the foreigners serve 7 days in jail, and receive a 500RMB fine for hitting their Chinese fellow diners. One of the girls called Yang was also fined 500RMB

Instagrammable spots in Chengdu

Are you looking for instagrammable spots in Chengdu? If so, you are in the right place! Below we have listed a few photography spots for those of you who wish to add more colour and flair to your feeds!Dujiangyan Zhongshuge

Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Officially Open!

 Exciting news for Chengdu today: Chengdu Tianfu International Airport (TFU) is officially open! With the completion, Chengdu is to become the third largest airport hub in China, after Beijing and Shanghai. The airport is set to have an initial capacity of 40 million passengers per year

Private Catering & Magical Restaurant and Cafe

 We make all occasions Magical!  At Harry’s Wizard Catering, we have catered lots of events, from weddings and graduations to private parties in Chengdu since 2015. Our customers include everyone from Fortune 500 companies and foreign consulates to international schools

Where to Brunch in Chengdu

Where to Brunch in ChengduRise and shine this Sunday morning with a brunch to kick-start that lazy weekend feeling. Here are our top picks of places to brunch in Chengdu which will help you satisfy that craving whatever your budget.We’ve

Shake Shack is Coming to Chengdu!

Exciting news was announced today, as New York City’s Iconic Burger Stand announced it was bringing its modern roadside classics to new China markets starting with Chengdu in 2022!In an announcement they said: We’re shaking things up in China! Following openings in

Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Opening Soon!

Despite travel restrictions resulting in the majority of international travel remaining closed, June 27th will mark the scheduled opening date for the highly anticipated Chengdu Tianfu International Airport (TFU). Tickets are now available!Earlier on in the year test flights, including an Air

Can Everyone Dance? Summer Camp at The Pony Club

 Yes. They can. Are you and your kids looking for a unique experience coming summer?We present you an 8 days dance camp to enhance your children’s creativity, foster personality development, make new friends, and have fun together.Suggested Ages:10 – 12 yearsAdults

Extreme Chengdu 2021

City life can sometimes get to be too much and everyone needs a little break to get their juices flowing and the adrenaline pumping! Chengdu-Expat have complied a list of some of the best venues around Chengdu to get you

Where to Happy Hour in Chengdu

Chengdu brings about a fantastic array of bars with themes ranging from French Winehouses to german beer houses to award winning cocktail bars and everything in-between.