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China’s Official 2021 Holiday Calendar

• On November 25th, 2020, China’s General Office of the State Council announced the official national holiday schedule for 2021.• As a recap, there are 7 Chinese holidays in China which are New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, Qingming Festival (Tomb Sweep), Labor Day,

Chengdu Goes Zero Waste

• #ZeroWasteChengdu is a new organization in the city, that aims to raise environmental awareness, organize educational events, and build an engaged community who can create lasting change.• You can be apart of the change! Learn more about how to get involved below. Living in China

Surviving the Winter Pollution in Chengdu

Here’s How to Survive Winter Pollution in Chengdu As winter kicks in, in China – it’s quite common for cities to become more polluted. Chengdu now frequenlty ranks amongst the most polluted major cities in China, if you measure the daily

Online Health Declaration Portal

Online Health Declaration Portal (Apply before boarding for China-bound flights)How to Fill GUIDANCE – updated November 7 2020Key Points:Apply Health declaration from China embassy before flyingLanguage available – Chinese and EnglishDocuments needing to be uploaded: passport picture, residence permit or

Chengdu 2020 Metro Expansion

Chengdu 2020 Metro ExpansionThe Chengdu Metro seems to be being built at lightening speed, into each and every spare inch of the city. Long gone are the days where the only intersection was between lines 1 and 2 was at Tianfu Square. Now multiple lines intersect all

Chengdu News Autumn 2020

The US elections are over, and finally, we can focus on something a little closer to home… Chengdu doesn’t seem to have stopped to take a breath recently, as the construction of roads, metro lines, and new buildings ramps up.

[Visa] All You Need to Know About How to Legalize Your Documentation

For foreigners who live and work abroad, we often need to obtain international authentication/apostille so that the documents from our home country can be used in another country.There are various terms used to refer to the process of legalising a

All Flights In/Out of China

Last Updated: 6 November 2020On November 5, 2020, a notice on the temporary suspension of entry into China by non-Chinese nationals in the Philippines holding valid Chinese or residence permits was issued by the Embassy of The People’s Republic of

China Closing Borders to Foreigners Again

• Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, China is one again temporarily suspending the entry of several non-Chinese nationals holding visas or residence permits still valid into the country. • The latest list of countries where non-Chinese nationals are not allowed to

Foreigners’ Applying for Residence Permit for Family Reunion Information

Recently, the Exit & Entry Administration Department of Chengdu Public Security Bureau issued the guideline of Foreigners’ Applying for Residence Permit in Chengdu for Family Reunion. Below are the detailed contents. All contents of the guideline are authentic in Chinese.

Quarantine in China: The Latest

  [Updated 26 October 2020]China updated COVID-19 prevention, control guidelines on September 15:“After taking a COVID-19 test at ports of entry, passengers entering the mainland should spend fourteen days in isolation centers for medical observation and take another test before completing

2020 Chengdu Thanksgiving Events

Thanksgiving celebrations are all about cooking and sharing an abundance of food with family and friends. We’re all missing home, just a little more than usual this year so we have put together a list of the places in the

Stonehenge? Chengdu’s Fake Monuments

If you’ve shed a tear lately over not being able to go home, or on holiday this year – dry your eyes pet, look no further. Stonehenge has just joined London Bridge, and the city of Florence, as places you can visit, without

Chengdu Through The Lens: October 2020

Chengdu Through The Lens: October 2020It is October and the weather is getting colder but these pictures are warming our hearts, this is why we love Chengdu. This post is dedicated to our favourite photographs of Chengdu and the talented

Where to buy Halloween Costumes in Chengdu

Love it, or loathe it, Halloween is fast approaching. That means the time has come to choose your spooky costumes. It seems as though this holiday largely celebrated in the past by Americans, has provided Chinese stores with the perfect

Neglecting your Health in Chengdu?

Many of us living in Chengdu’s international community don’t have our annual check-ups, or see a doctor for prostate examinations, or pap smears – that would be common place back home. The reasons for this are many; we don’t know where

COVID-19: Boarding a Flight to China

More flight updates have been announced for planes arriving to and departing from China: 14 days prior to the flight     FOR CHINESE CITIZENS ONLYRequirements to Board A Flight to China Where to find it: Search in Wechat for the mini-app

The Ultimate Guide to the PU Invitation Letter

• Most foreigners (specified below) who want to apply for a visa must hold a PU Letter, which could be considered as an invitation letter released by the local Foreign Affairs Office.​• People unable to enter China as the Chinese consulate

Returning to Chengdu: What you Need to to Know

If you’re returning to China soon, or simply curious about the quarantine process  Léman International School recently shared an account from one of their teachers who returned from abroad to Chengdu at the end of September 2020.Mr. Alec Riley is currently with

2020 National Holiday: Things To Do In Chengdu

Golden Week is fast approaching and if you’ve decided to stay in the city, it may have been a smart move. In 2017, 705 million people travelled around China and spent 583.6 billion yuan (US$85 billion) from October 1 to