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Sichuan Accommodation Registration Goes Online

As of June 1st 2020, the Exit-Entry Administration of the Sichuan Public Security Bureau launches a WeChat App where instead of foreign nationals having to register your details with the authorities in person, you can finally, register your accommodation online.

COVID-19: How To Use Chengdu’s Health App

Sichuan, incl. ChengduTianfu Health CodeStep 1: Access the Mini ProgramForeign nationals, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents can use the WeChat to scan the QR code to apply for the Tianfu Health Code.Step 2: Declaration EntryLog in the home page and enter

2020 Chengdu Music Festival Guide

Sun on your skin, mud on your shoes, and a warm plastic cup of beer in your hand?If you thought that COVID-19 had destroyed the chance to party this year, we’re here to assure you: Chengdu’s festival season is back!As

Chengdu Metro Line 18 Opening End of September 2020

In Chengdu, many of us are now too familiar with the many high-rise apartment blocks and skyscrapers constantly being built around the city. Although, we are extremely aware of the developments happening above the grown, most of us are blissfully

Health Code Guidelines for China’s Major Cities

Whilst COVID-19 is not longer a BIG risk in China, you still often need a city’s specific health code if you plan to travel in China. Here’s the health code guide for you to go to these locations in China:If your

Clabing? Online Chinese Tutoring to Fit your Budget

Do you know how to find an awesome Chinese tutor whom you can share your interests and life with?Do you know where to find your native Chinese tutors/language partners from a variety of different people?Do you feel bothered to travel

Chengdu 2020 Metro Expansion: Which Lines?

Chengdu’s Metro has become at one with the city as many rely on the subway to get them from point A to B. Hence, the metro has grown to be a reliable, cheap and daily method of travel – especially

List of Countries Possibly Able to Return to China

More and more countries are getting on the list of who possibly are able to return to China. Yes, only possibly. Restrictions, very few and expensive flights and a 14 days obligatory/ paid quarantine are a few of the many

Chengdu’s Best WeChat Groups: 2020

Love or hate the constant notifications and occasional spamming from WeChat groups, there’s not many of us that could survive in Chengdu without them because some are seriously helpful, others obscene, and yet they all play a part in keeping

PU Letter for Chengdu/ Work Visa without Leaving Chengdu

At this moment, only specific foreigners are able to come back to China. Not to mention, they need the right paperwork supported by their employer (business license, company contact card, etc). Foreigners wishing to re-enter China are required to first

Sichuan Experiences the Worst Flooding in 70 Years

Chengdu has activated a level-four emergency response as Sichuan brace for the worst flooding they have seen in 70 years. A further 1,000 people have been excavated from affected areas in the city following the continuous rain over the weekend.

Visa Application Centres and Contact Details in Chengdu

Exit and Entry Administration Divisions of Chenghua, Jinjiang, Jinniu, Qingbaijiang, Qingyang, Shuangliu and Wuhou districts, Hi-tech zone, and Tianfu New Areas PSB have set up the application counters for the convenience of foreigner’s visa applications.

Who Can & How to Come back to China [Update]

Good news, China are now reopening more China Visa Application Service Centres in even more countries.  Following the news that 36 EU countries were added to this list, even more, countries have been listed. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone from

2021 Chengdu Summer Universiade: 1 Year to Go!

  From the 18th to 29th August 2021, Chengdu the capital of Sichuan Province will hold The 31st Summer World University Games (Summer Universiade) from the 18th to 29th August 2021.The Summer Universiade is an international multi-sport event, organised for university athletes

PU Letters and Where to Find Them

In view of the rapid spread of COVID-19 across the world, China has decided to temporarily suspend the entry into China by foreign nationals holding visas or residence permits still valid to the time of the announcement effective from 28th

Learn Chinese, and Become a Panda Ambassador!

As most of us who endured the COVID-19 lockdown in China know, there aren’t many good reasons to leave for the moment. Some of us do not mind waiting it out until the rest of the world gets better, but

Chinese Visa Centres Re-open in These Countries

More countries with visa centres are also reopening so here is some more info on their visa centres, available services and how they will function going forward. South Korea From August 1st, 2020: Firstly, the Chinese Embassy and consulates have started to implement

Chengdu Apartments | August 2020

Chengdu Apartments | August 2020 Are you looking to change residences or move around?We have compiled a few of the best properties available to rent in Chengdu this month below.Beware that properties may not be on the market long so if

China to Ban Single Use Plastic by the End of 2020

In January, China has announced a ban on non-degradable bags in major cities by the end of 2020 in an attempt to curve its plastic waste production.The ban will extend to all cities and towns by 2022 but all markets

US Consulate in Chengdu Closing in Retaliation for Houston

US flag lowered at dawn as Chinese officials claim premises BREAKING NEWS: US Consulate in Chengdu Closing *Update*China is set to shut US consulate in Chengdu. A response to the US government closure of the China Consulate in Houston.On the morning