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Chengdu’s Viral “Disneyland” (Sichuan, China)

• Last year there were rumours of Disneyland possibly opening in Chengdu, but meanwhile our fine city has started its own ‘local Disney’ – which has gone viral on Chinese social media this week.• A modest outdoor community fitness area

QSI International School of Chengdu is Hiring

About Quality Schools International (QSI)QSI Chengdu has an exciting new opportunity for educators. We are looking for a highly qualified and motivated teacher to join us.Quality Schools International (QSI) was founded in 1971 in Saana, Yemen and has grown to

Nissi Chengdu – Counseling & Psychological Help for Expats

• It’s not always easy to access good mental health advice, when you’re living away from home – and in Chengdu many of us suffer with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), that comes with the changes of seasons, in Winter, but

How to Get your Driving License in Chengdu

Foreigners, as well as residents of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan who wish to drive in China, must apply for a driving license within the mainland.

Helpful Western Medicines in Chinese

• So you got sick in China but you’re not ready to try traditional Chinese medicine yet? That’s OK, we got you covered!• Here’s a useful list of the most common western medicines with Chinese translations that you can take

Criminal Record Certificate in Chengdu: Guidelines

A overlooked item that may be required when changing jobs is your criminal record covering the time you were living in China. Most of us will have had to deal with obtaining a criminal record check from our own countries

Chengdu Releases Updated List of Forbidden Dog Breeds

• In recent years, dog attacks by ‘aggressive’ or banned dog breeds have happened fairly frequently in China. After several severe incidents last year, the debate on whether aggressive dog breeds like Rottweilers should be included in banned lists reignited.•

See 2024 More Clearly… with AIER Sichuan Eye Hospital

• As many as 3 in 5 people wear contacts, glasses, or require vision correction, but corrective measures are often expensive, and a little frightening. Thankfully we now have some amazing technology at hand, and together with some of the

WeChat: The Hidden Features

The social media application provides just about every function you can think of.  

Chengdu Metro Line 19 Phase II is Officially Open

• Big news for the Chengdu Metro today, phase 2 of Metro Line 19 is now open! The trains are capable of going up to 160km/h, making them some of the fastest metro trains on earth.• The extension consists of

Surviving the Winter Pollution in Chengdu

Here’s How to Survive Winter Pollution in Chengdu• Winter is well and truly on the way in Chengdu, and with this icy blast of weather, we’ve been blessed with another winter special; grey skies, and high AQI.• Chengdu generally experiences

Save Up to 20% on Your Chinese Classes with That’s Mandarin

你好 (Nǐhǎo) 👋​Double Eleven is right on the horizon, and it’s high time to prepare your shopping cart!双十一Shuāng ShíyīDouble Eleven (China’s online shopping festival)(Lit. “double-ten-one”)💰 Don’t miss the chance to save on your Chinese classes with That’s Mandarin’s biggest discount

International Healthcare You Can Trust in Chengdu

• Living in China and knowing where best to take your loved ones when they need medical care can be daunting. As we’re not always sure where best to seek help, in this article we introduce an international clinic that

Mobile RMB Transfers: Speed and Savings for Foreigners in China

• To consistently improve the remittance experiences in China, SkyRemit is offering a legit RMB transfer service dedicated to expats.• This new solution ensures a faster, more convenient and more economical way to send RMB home. This not only allows

Chengdu PSB: Online Appointment & Inquiries

• Big news! In order to reduce waiting lines, China’s National Immigration Administration (NIA) has launched new services on their service platform from October 9th. The new service menu features online appointments for applications for individual visas and other relevant

Foreign Consulates in Chengdu Overview

 Foreign Consulates in Chengdu Overview As Chengdu is a thriving city with an increasing amount of foreigners relocating or visiting here, it is of no surprise that countries want to open up a consulate here. Consulate General of Republic of Korea in

Visa Application Centres and Contact Details in Chengdu

Exit and Entry Administration Divisions of Chenghua, Jinjiang, Jinniu, Qingbaijiang, Qingyang, Shuangliu and Wuhou districts, Hi-tech zone, and Tianfu New Areas PSB have set up the application counters for the convenience of foreigner’s visa applications.

Supercharge your Chinese this Semester

• If you’re still in the country by now, you’re a real survivor! Whatever your next step is, mastering Chinese is a clear-cut way to supercharge your life and career. There are several options are available in Chengdu!• Chinese Corner, is a

Sichuan Accommodation Registration: Online & Offline Process

• As you SHOULD know (or you may be in big trouble) foreign nationals have to register, or re-register within 24 hours after landing in Chengdu from abroad. You may face a fine starting from 10 days if you do

6 NEW Cool WeChat Features (July 2023)

• The can-do-everything APP WeChat has just launched some cool new features, trying to keep it ever competitive with other apps in the ecosystem (like the every-growing XiaoHongShu aka RED). Just like Instagram or RED, you can now pin your