Hotpot is a must-eat for anyone visiting Chengdu and it is an essential part of eating for anyone living or staying in Chengdu. Getting what you want, however (especially for those who don’t read Chinese) can be a challenge for anyone new to the scene.

We endorse adventurous eating and sometimes showing up at a busy restaurant and resigning yourself to the situation can produce the best experiences, but maybe you’ve been there, or you don’t want to take the chance. ? Mushrooms, rabbit, not-so spicy and very spicy! Hotpot for small and large groups and any occasion..

In our fourth post about maximizing your Hotpot Experience, we discuss the many places to eat Hotpot in the ’Du ?:

Liang Lukou Hotpot 重庆两路口老火锅

💰 >RMB 65pp


Chongqing Hotpot (Tongzilin)

*Wuhou District, Zijin North Road No. 7 武侯区紫荆北路7号(紫荆店) ☎️ 13094456896

Chongqing Hotpot (Yulin)

*Wuhou District, Nijiaqiao Road No. 12-19 武侯区倪家桥路12号附19号(玉林店)  ☎️ 028-85561337

Dalong Hotpot 大龙火锅店

💰 >RMB 70pp


*Wuhou District, Jiangxi Street No. 1 (next to Military Hospital) 武侯区浆洗街1号(武警医院旁)

☎️ 028-85039333, 13880176209

*Wuhou District, 1st Ring Road South, Section 1, No. 2, Building 5, F2 (next to gas station) 武侯区一环路南一段2号5栋2楼(加气站旁)

☎️ 028-85034593, 13880176209

*Qingyang District, Qingtai Road No. 57 (next to Cultural Park) 青羊区琴台路57号(文化公园旁)

☎️ 028-86111957, 13880176209

*Jinniu District, Yinhe Road No. 1-25 金牛区银河路1号附25号

☎️ 028-87691206

DaMiao Hotpot 大妙火锅

💰>RMB 150pp


*Wuhou District, Wuhou Temple Street No.231 (inside Jinli) 武侯祠 武侯祠大街231号锦里二期2、3号院

☎️ 028-84391111

*Jianshe Road No. 95 (East Memory Park) 建设南路95号

☎️ 028-84391111

*Qingyang District, Wide & Narrow Alley No. 11

宽窄巷子 宽窄巷子窄巷子11号

☎️ 028-86251111

Xiaolong Kan  小龙坎火锅

💰 >RMB 150pp



Haidilao Hotpot 海底捞火锅

>RMB 100pp


*Chenghua District, Jianshe North Road, Section 3 No. 2, LongHu Mall 3F 成华区建设北路3段2号龙湖三千集3F

☎️ 028-81457650,81457651

Opening Hours: 24hrs

*1st Ring Road East, Section 4 No. 87, YangGuang Center 6F (close to Jiuyan Bridge) 九眼桥一环路东五段87号阳光新业6层

☎️ 028-62508981, 62508982

Opening Hours: 10pm-12am

Huangcheng Laoma Hotpot 皇城老妈火锅

Here you’ve got a great place paired with tables ready for large groups. The huge layout has an impressive decor that is matched by an expansive table settings if you want to guarantee your table of ten.

💰 >RMB 120pp


*20, South Sect. 3, 2nd Ring Rd. 二环路南3段20号

Opening Time: 11am-1am

☎️ 028-85139999

*Hongxing Road Section 3, IFS Mall , L518 红星路三段1号IFS☎️ 028-84451986国际金融中心L518

*TaiKoo Li, East Lane, 2331 远洋太古里东里2331

Opening Time: 11am-10pm

☎️ 028-69001986

*Jinsha Yizhi Road No. 3-206 金沙遗址路3号附206号

☎️ 028-81713030, 81713232

Little Dragon Hotpot 小龙翻大江

Nice location and great entertainment while you eat

💰>RMB 100pp


Qingyang District, Wide & Narrow Alley No. 28 


☎️ 028-86648888

Longsenyuan Hot Pot 龙森园火锅

This is a hot pot restaurant for occasions, and one particularly well attuned to the needs of novices. The staff swear that their use of rapeseed oil instead of animal oil to prevent diners from “overheating.” They are able to provide vegetarian, no-MSG, all-natural options, and have all the standard spice level, split pot,fish and other options you could care for.

? >RMB 115pp


Qintai Road No. 60 琴台路60号

Opening Time: 11:30am-11pm

☎️ 028-86155158

Rabbit Hotpot: Zong Nan Xian Guo Tu 棕南鲜锅兔

Rabbit, for those who appreciate it, is one of the most popular proteins in Sichuan cuisine. Rabbit hotpot, in central Yulin, does a fine trade in some uncommon Sichuanese cooking, all chosen from an extensive full-picture menu. It serves a hearty spicy rabbit pot of some acclaim. Close with the rice cake dessert. Great for small parties.

💰>RMB 50pp


Nijiaqiao Road No. 9 倪家桥路9号

Opening Time: 10am-10:30pm

☎️ 13198516113, 13518215221

Yulin Chuan Chuan Xiang 玉林串串香

Easy access classic Sichuan food and much cheaper than your average hot pot place. Yet, despite all that, they manage to offer good quality service. Don`t speak the local lingo? Good, because you don`t need to, Walk straight up tothe food and pick out what you want.

💰 >RMB 50 pp


Yulin Street No. 26-23, 玉林26号附23号

Opening Time: 24hrs

☎️ 028-85541126

Yulin Shan Zhen 玉林山珍

Mushrooms, lovely mushrooms. These treasures of the mountain fill the pages of this restaurant with dozens of varieties, which form the stock of your delicious, pepper-free soup, and much of the contents its then filled with. Standard hotpot vegetables, meat, etc. are available, along with fried dishes and above-average snacks. Located just off Renmin South Road behind the stadium.

💰 >RMB 55pp


South Gate of Stadium, East Yulin Rd 玉林东路体育馆南门

Opening Time: 9:30am-11pm

☎️ 028-85557879

QiaoXiFu Chongqing Old Style Hotpot 俏媳妇重庆老灶火锅

💰 >RMB 95 pp


Qingyang District, Xiatongren Road, Zhijishi Street No. 28 (close to KuanZhai Alley Metro station)


☎️ 028-61679658

Shu Jiu Xiang 蜀九香火锅酒楼

One of Chengdu`s best loved hot pot houses serves up fresh and beautifully presented ingredients in spicy hot or rich mild soup base. Try the goose intestine. We also like their snacks. Except for the 5 central located ones listed below, there are 20 more locations throughout town.

💰 >RMB 100 pp


*Wuhou Temple Avenue No. 19 武侯祠大街19号(耍都)

Opening Time: 11:30am-10:30pm

☎️ 028-85576655

*New South Taiping Street No. 8, Jiuyanqiao 九眼桥太平南新街8号

Opening Time: 24hrs

☎️ 028-85446808

*Wuhou District, South Yulin Street, 12-3 玉林南街12号附3号

Opening Time: 9:30am-12am

☎️ 028-85568598

*Wuhou District, Yulin, Nijiaqiao Road No. 11-2 玉林小区倪家桥11号附2号

Opening Time: 24hrs

☎️ 028-85570362

*Wuhou District, Shaoling Road No. 435 武侯区少陵路435号

Opening Time: 24 hrs

☎️ 028-85082969

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