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China’s Food Delivery Revolution: Meituan v E Le Me

Food delivery has taken china by storm with the rise of Meituan and E Le Me. From seeing every city in china flooded with delivery drivers to millions of Chinese consumers preferring to order on the delivery apps than eating out or even cooking. how far will delivery services go in china?

Can Luckin Coffee end Starbucks in China?

Luckin Coffee Opened in June 2017 and has grown rapidly with its focus on technology and quick delivery.

Top 10 Apps You Can’t Live Without in China

Turbocharge your experience in China by adding these apps to your arsenal.

Chengdu Through The Lens | June

The summer rains have cometh. June saw longer days and rarely-seen in the city sunsets, which inspired Chengdu’s talented community of photographers to hit the streets. This is June, through their lens:The Vatican comes to Chengdu@susanayesunTianfu Da Dao’s Great Pyramids@nickkuratnikGrandmas getting

WeChat: The Hidden Features

The social media application provides just about every function you can think of.  

Top 3 Outlet Shopping Centers in Chengdu

An outlet shopping center is always a good option if you want to treat yourself with some high quality brands at relatively reasonable prices.

Can We Ever Really Be Chinese?

 Living in a country without being able to communicate. You have arrived in a city and you are unable to communicate due to the language barrier, and the experience you are having is being severly limited by your lack of grasp of the language.

Will Carrefour Close in China?

Carrefour, the French retailer announced on Sunday, it is selling an 80% stake in its China operations to Sunning, ceding control in a market that it had first entered in 1995. They sold this for 4.8billion yuan.

The Changing Face of Education in Chengdu

Has education caught up with the pace of world development?Has education geared up to serve the ever-changing world?In an era where technology is developing rapidly, and words like AI are becoming more commonplace – it may quickly become an age

Getting Inked in Chengdu

Getting inked in China is no longer a taboo, and Chengdu is quickly becoming one of the most tattooed cities in the Middle Kingdom – along with Kunming, Lijiang and the east coast megacities.

Sam’s Club – Everything You Need And More

Shopping for your favorite brands in China is not easy. Even when you find a trusted product, it can be difficult to ascertain its authenticity. Moreover, the genuine article can be costly, and please don’t get us started on the

Recovery Plus – Top Sports Recovery Centre in Chengdu

Getting access to the healthcare you’re used to back home, isn’t always easy in Chengdu. Treatment for aches and pains, or rehabilitation after a sports injury can sometimes be frustrating, but Recovery Plus is changing that.▲ Recovery Plus is the first clinic group

Where to Happy Hour in Chengdu

Chengdu brings about a fantastic array of bars with themes ranging from French Winehouses to german beer houses to award winning cocktail bars and everything in-between.

Freshly Roasted Coffee in Chengdu

Coffee culture in China has come a long way from convenience store coffee in a can, or instant with creamer – but great single origin beans or locally roasted blends can still be hard to come by. You&Coffee is a new roastery

Photos: Young Professionals Vol. 11

On Friday 31st May, 130 people gathered at The St. Regis Chengdu Vantage XXVII Sky Bar, to celebrate volume 11 of the Young Professionals Mixers, in partnership with Orange Community and ReachNow, BMW’s new ride hailing service.

Event: Careers that Shape the Future

Finding the right fit is tough. Most graduates struggle to find a position -one where you are truly passionate about and at the same time, make a global impact.

Chengdu Through The Lens | May

Photos captured between cool days and sticky metro rides

巴适 #2 Basi de Art Street Chengdu

Chengdu columnist Bási explores the city’s unknown streets.

3 Ways To Improve Your Chinese

Avoid language learning traps with Brilliance Learning Center

Sam’s Clubs: Frequently Asked Questions

Sam’s Club invites its costumers to ask them questions and opened up their two-way communication to answer the most common ones.