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Chengdu ADT Monastery Beer Shops: 50% OFF Beer Brewed by Monks

Chengdu ADT Monastery Beer ShopsFrom the monks of Europe, to South West China – ADT are launching online and offline draft monastery beer stores. There will be 3 shops in Chengdu – and more are opening soon. Their trappist beer

4 Weeks FREE! K2Fit x B-Active Partner Up

4 Weeks FREE! K2Fit x B-Active Partner UpIf you find keeping fit, losing weight or achieving your goals in Chengdu though, you are not alone. K2Fit runs a 10-week program that gets you fit and provides you with everything you

Another Sichuan Earthquake & Other News

Summer has officially left us and the rain is here. But there’s still been plenty happening in and around Chengdu. Here’s whats up:Neijiang EarthquakeA 5.4 magnitude earthquake jolted Weiyan County, Neijiang, Sichuan province, at 6:42 am on Sunday, one person

5G in Chengdu: What You Need to Know

We’ve been hearing a lot about 5G coming to Chengdu in the last few months, but what does that actually mean for you?Do We Need 5G?With the increasing popularity of video streaming, networks are becoming overcrowded especially when many people

Looking for a Job? Teach English at i2

Company Information International Institution of Education (i2)Cities with Branches: Chengdu, Mianyang, Luzhou, Changsha, NanNing, Guiyang, Liupanshui, Chongqing, Kunming, Xiamen, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Nanning, Shenzhen, Nanchang, Xi’an, HaikouPrograms: Language, Arts, P.E., Corporate Training, Overseas Business, Online Education, Pre-school Education, Technology & Innovation, Family

7 Foreign Movies in Chengdu this September

Last month we saw 10 foreign movies screened throughout August. This month an oscar-winning documentary and many more movies arrive in Chengdu. Let’s check out 7 foreign movies being shown this autumn below.Friday, September 6, 2019Free Solo《徒手攀岩》tú shǒu pān yánDirector: Jimmy Chin, Elizabeth Chai VasarhelyiCountry: USAActors: Alex Honnold, Tommy Caldwell, Jimmy ChinChina

2019 Holiday Bazaar I Save The Date

Mark your calendars, the 13th annual Holiday Bazaar will be held on November 23rd! Once again hosted at Chengdu International School, planning for Chengdu’s biggest international event of the year is already underway. A dedicated committee of volunteers is excited

Chengdu Through The Lens: August

 The weather in Chengdu reached the steamy heights 38 this August but as always, there was also plenty of rain. However, the weather didn’t stop Chengdu’s photographers from getting busy and capturing the beauty of the city. Here is Chengdu

Is Chinese Medicine For You?

If you live in China, it’s likely that at some stage Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been recommended to you. Perhaps you’ve tried it. Or perhaps you remain skeptical, and stick to medicines you are used to from home.Complimentary rather

Floods, CATS, Direct Flights & Other News

Someone recently said that it seems Chengdu only operates for 8 months of the year; in the narrow window between Chinese New Year and Summer, then from autumn to the middle of winter. August is certainly one of the city’s

Does The Iceberg Principle Affect Our Chinese Learning?

How does an iceberg relate to your process of acquiring a second language? Quite a bit, actually…  In the world of learning a second language, you may run into all sorts of claims:“Learn a new language in 5 minutes!”“10 language

2019: World Police and Fire Games Chengdu

2019 World Police and Fire Games The World Police and Fire Games started in San Jose, California in 1985. Since that time the Games have been held every 2 years in a different city and country around the world, to give

China’s Food Delivery Revolution: Meituan v E Le Me

Food delivery has taken china by storm with the rise of Meituan and E Le Me.

Crime Crackdown on Expats in China

Government officials have clamped down on foreigners working on improper visas, and are conducting raids in office buildings and bars, mandating everyone to submit hair and urine samples.

Can Luckin Coffee end Starbucks in China?

Luckin Coffee Opened in June 2017 and has grown rapidly with its focus on technology and quick delivery.

Top 10 Apps You Can’t Live Without in China

Turbocharge your experience in China by adding these apps to your arsenal.

Chengdu Summer 2019 News: Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition, Electric taxi’s and More

Chengdu Summer News 2019 Latest News on China Transport, International Flights into Chengdu, Summer Art Exhibitions and More

Chengdu Through The Lens | June

Chengdu Through The Lens | JuneThe summer rains have cometh. June saw longer days and rarely-seen in the city sunsets, which inspired Chengdu’s talented community of photographers to hit the streets. This is June, through their lens:The Vatican comes to Chengdu@susanayesunTianfu

Can We Ever Really Be Chinese?

 Living in a country without being able to communicate. You have arrived in a city and you are unable to communicate due to the language barrier, and the experience you are having is being severly limited by your lack of grasp of the language.