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New Health & Well-Being Center Opens in Chengdu

• It’s not always easy to take care of our wellness

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What Chengdu Eats on Chinese New Year

Food plays a central role in all celebrations in China

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Chengdu Places Open During 2023 Chinese New Year

We’ve only just gotten over Christmas… but Chinese new year

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Winning at Winter in Chengdu

This is one of our favourite pieces from food writer

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Survival Sichuanese

Survival SichuanesePeople have long joked, 天不怕地不怕只怕四川人说普通话 – there is nothing to

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Surviving the Winter Pollution in Chengdu

Here’s How to Survive Winter Pollution in Chengdu• Winter is

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English COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Test Reports in Chengdu

Are you leaving China or need English COVID-19 test report

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Riverside Brunch & Dining? Yes please.

Last year was a tough one for many people, and


Not into Mahjong? Play Poker in Chengdu!

Texas Hold’emWhilst Mahjong reins supreme in Sichuan, Texas hold ’em

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Niuniufu Sanguo Kaorou 牛牛福三国烤肉

IFS Residences

Happy Valley Chengdu

Flipflop Lounge Hostel 拖板鞋青年旅舍

Sam’s Club (South Chengdu) 山姆会员商店

Yishan – Vegetarian Restaurant

Webster University 韦伯斯特

The Executive Center 德事商务中心 [IFS]

Super Monkey Yanlord | 超级猩猩 仁恒置地店


Sihu Four 肆合

Bang Burger!