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QSI International School Chengdu Open Day 2024

March 2: QSI International School Open Day 2024 • You are

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Lantern Festivals In & Around Chengdu

• If you’re staying in Chengdu (or are visiting) during

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16 Date Ideas In Chengdu

Date Ideas In ChengduDate night nerves are definitely something everyone

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Chengdu Places Open During 2024 Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, specifically Chunyun, is the greatest annual human

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Celebrate Chinese New Year HERE in Chengdu!

• Chinese New Year is fast approaching – and by

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Luxury Brands Discounted at Florentia Village Chengdu

• Chinese New Year is fast approaching – and some

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Where to Watch the 2024 Super Bowl in Chengdu

It’s time once again for the Super Bowl.The biggest event in

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What Chengdu Eats on Chinese New Year

Food plays a central role in all celebrations in China


Regeneron Sichuan Science Fair Recap

Students from across the country participated in the 19th Sichuan

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Until March 31: Marvelous Creatures Exhibition

Until April 10: INCA-Andean Civilization in Peru Exhibition

Feb. 26-29: Free Sheesha for 4

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Return to Vegetarianism 归来素食生活馆

Consulate General of Pakistan in Chengdu

Next Space

[CLOSED] Upper Gallery

Winshare Bookstore 西南书城

Consulate of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in Chengdu

Times Residence 时代豪庭

Elegant Courtyard 里外院

[CLOSED] Underground Bar 隧道酒吧

Work+ (Raffles City Branch)

Parker’s Kitchen

[CLOSED] Zoe Bakery

Chengdu Foreign Affairs Bureau 成都市外事处办公室

Consulate General of Republic of Korea in Chengdu

Jincheng Park | 锦城湖公园

Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort