7 Must Eat Dishes in Chengdu

7 Must Eat Dishes in ChengduBeyond the classics…We love Mapo Tofu, Twice Cooked Pork and Gong Bao (yes Kung Pow) Chicken, but there’s so much more to food in Chengdu than these old time favorites. We want to show you the

Vegetarian Restaurants in Chengdu

Chengdu is rich with Buddhist influences, so vegetarian dishes and restaurants should be available in abundance…But, if a stroll down the average hotpot riddled street leaves you wanting more diverse and exciting vegetarian options, then this list is for you.

Italian Restaurants in Chengdu

 Pizza, Pasta and Plenty of choice.Here’s our comprehensive list of all the Italian restaurants in the City. Gli Azzuri Gli Azzurri, Italian Restaurant, most likely the best Italian in Chengdu, brought to you by a former Ritz-Carlton Chef.Before located in iBox,

Spanish Restaurants in Chengdu

Whether you’re craving some Tapas, Enchilada’s or Paella we’ve got you covered.Here’s a list of the Spanish Restaurants in the City.La Picada Spanish Restaurant A traditional tapas restaurant (before called Innovate Food) with Spanish classics such as paella. You can find

Big City Eats: NEW G’s Bistro & Brunch Venue

• If you’re in need of a push or a reason to get out of the house and soak up some rays, perhaps a big ‘ole brunch with your buds will satisfy your cravings.• A good brunch used to be

16 Date Ideas In Chengdu

Date Ideas In ChengduDate night nerves are definitely something everyone experiences whether you’re a seasoned TanTan-er or a die heart romantic. Here are some of our favourite restaurants, bars and activities to ensure sparks fly.Romantic RestaurantsDinner With a ViewSabaidee Thai

Chengdu Places Open During 2024 Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, specifically Chunyun, is the greatest annual human migration, which often leaves big cities deserted.It can be hard to figure out what to do during Chinese New Year (keep an eye on our account for a overview of

Celebrate Chinese New Year HERE in Chengdu!

• Chinese New Year is fast approaching – and by now you must know that coming together over good food, and loved ones plays a central role in all celebrations in China, and even if you’re not celebrating the Lunar

What Chengdu Eats on Chinese New Year

Food plays a central role in all celebrations in China and especially that of Chinese New Year. Unlike the ‘Thanksgiving Turkey’ or ‘Christmas Ham’ which are cultural standards in the West, festival foods can vary greatly from region to region

2023 Chengdu Thanksgiving Events

Thanksgiving celebrations are all about cooking and sharing an abundance of food with family and friends. We’re all missing home, so we have put together a list of the places in the city that will serve up Thanksgiving dinners –

Thanksgiving Feasts NOT To Miss

Thanksgiving Feasts NOT To Miss2023 has been quite the year, and we’ve all got things to be thankful for. It doesn’t matter if you’re an American, European, Chinese, Latin, or anywhere in between – there’s never been a better time

The 2024 Chengdu Michelin Guide Announcement

Events          🍽️          Explore   ​ We were more than excited in 2022 when Michelin rocked up at the temple of Chuancai and cast it’s decerning eyes on Chengdu’s food and beverage scene  – but the 2022 and

Are these 5 Local Chengdu Restaurants Overrated?

Chengdu is a UNSECO World City of Gastronomy, and famous globally for its cuisine. It has tens of thousands of restaurants, and amazing food around every corner – but sometimes the choice can be overwhelming. Are expats and visitors able

Chengdu’s Post-COVID Restaurant Boom

Chengdu’s Post-COVID Restaurant Boom • The drought is over! After 3 years man of our favourites international eateries shut up shop, and promises of new brands from big groups head-quartered in Shanghai struggling to make it over to Sichuan’s sizzling capital

Waterfront: GILI’S NEW LuxeLakes Venue

This new GILI’S has a pretty unique location• The city is being treated to another new GILI’S location, this time in Chengdu’s South; GILI’S Waterfront! Located in the middle of ‘Gourmet Island’ in Luxelakes Eco-city. You might have seen their

From London to Chengdu: Black Rock!

From London to ChengduOn May 5 and 6, the founders of Black Rock, the UK’s most cutting edge whisky bar – Thomas Aske and Tristan Stephenson, were in Chengdu to share their love of whisky. At a series of events,

2023 Chengdu Easter Specials

Whether this weekend is about resurrection, Ramadan…. or bread that isn’t risen – for you, we all could use a reason to come together, with friends and loved ones, after a shaky few weeks in the city.Many restaurants, and hotels are

Where to Brunch in Chengdu

Where to Brunch in ChengduRise and shine this Sunday morning with a brunch to kick-start that lazy weekend feeling. Here are our top picks of places to brunch in Chengdu which will help you satisfy that craving whatever your budget.We’ve

April 9: The Big Chengdu Easter Brunch

April 9: The Big Chengdu Easter BrunchThe brunch at Fairmont Chengdu has reached legendary status in the city, winning the 2022 Chengdu-Expat Award for Best Brunch! It’s known for having out-of-this-world food, great vibes, and free flow bubbles. After our third SOLD OUT

2023 Chengdu Valentine’s Specials

Whether you’re looking forward to a night out with your sweetheart or looking to make a new connection, romance is in the air.Check out where to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2023 in Chengdu.Scroll down to see the hotel specials, and click