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What’s Happening in Chengdu [February 2019]

What’s been happening in mala city whilst you’ve been away for Chinese New Year? Catch up on the news here:

Chengdu Places Open During 2019 Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, the period of Chunyun, is the greatest annual human migration and it often leaves big cities deserted. To make sure you don’t get stuck without somewhere to eat or shop we’ve complied a list of what’s open and what’s not this coming Spring Festival…

Things to do in Chengdu over Chinese New Year 2019

As the country and city gears up for the biggest event on the Chinese calendar it can be hard, as an expat, to find things to do. Locals tend to pack up shop and head home. But fear not, we’ve collected some handy tips and info that might make your Chinese New Year much more fun.

What Chengdu Eats on Chinese New Year

Food plays a central role in all celebrations in China and especially that of Chinese New Year. Unlike the ‘Thanksgiving Turkey’ or ‘Christmas Ham’ which are cultural standards in the West, festival foods can vary greatly from region to region