It can be hard to figure out what to do during Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year, specifically Chunyun, is the greatest annual human migration and it often leaves big cities deserted. With Lunar New Year falling on February 5, you may have noticed the crowds being to thin already. Lasting for about 40 days, Chunyun refers to the period of travel before, during and just after Spring Festival. If you were to compare to Western attitudes surrounding Christmas, imagine it tenfold. As a result of this many businesses have long holidays.

As a working foreigner you might revel in the week off but be a little stuck for something to do. If you’re looking to take in the iconic sight of lanterns floating through the sky, or attend festivals and events, check this article out. Events and festivals aside, you may just want to ‘treat yourself’ during your break, by eating out or doing a little shopping. In all fairness, who wants to cook when they could be relaxing? To make sure you don’t get left without somewhere to eat or shop we’ve complied a list of what’s open and what’s not this coming Spring Festival.

Unsurprisingly, many of the restaurants that are staying open are Western and foreign cuisine.

Places To Eat That Are Open

Your local little Chinese noodle place is highly likely to be shut, so your chance a getting authentic Chinese street food for the holiday is limited. However, even some Western restaurants will be shutting down too.

Places to Eat That Are Closed

It’s Lunar New Year, it’s time for celebration. Here’s where you can ‘celebrate’ in ‘style’, (rather than drinking a full bottle of wine at home binge watching TV).

Places for Drinks That Are Open

Places for Drinks That are Closed



Shopping Centre Opening Hours

Hopefully you won’t be needing this next list, especially during Chinese New Year. Incase you do, all emergency departments are still open.

Hospital Operating Times

Have a safe and wonderful Spring Festival.


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