• Are your kids driving you nuts? Are you looking for some weekend activities in the Chengdu area that are suitable for children?

• Check out our list of Chengdu’s most popular indoor attractions suitable for the whole family.

Kids Winshare Plus 文轩亲子书店

Kids Winshare Plus is a membership-based age-specific education theme space with parent-child reading as the entrance, and a platform for children’s education products and services that integrate online and offline. It boasts a 1,200-square-meter reading and playing area specially designed for families. There are tens of thousands of picture books, healthy kid-friendly meals, an immersive 360° screen theater, and a wide array of educational courses.

Opening Time:



average 100RMB per person


Kids Winshare Plus 文轩亲子书店(仁和店)

4F (429-434), Renhe Xincheng, No.505, Fucheng Avenue West Section, Shiyang Street, Gaoxin District



Neobio Family Center 奈尔宝家庭中心

The Neobio Family Center is an international family growth space designed to provide high-end, parent-child entertainment for families with children aged 0-14. It integrates aesthetic experience, entertainment facilities, Chinese and English reading areas, activities for kids, a family-themed restaurant, and exclusive party services.

Opening Time:

Tuesday-Sunday from 10:30-21:00


average 150RMB per person


Global Center 环球中心
1F, S1 Hall, Global Center, 1700 Tianfu Avenue, Wuhou District

Wuhou Joy City 成都大悦城
1F033, Joy City, No. 518 Dayue Road, Wuhou District

Tianfu Joy City 天府大悦城
L2B-11, 2F, Tianfu Joy City, XingKang 3rd Street, Shuangliu District


The Littles 亲子餐厅

The Littles is different from a traditional restaurant—and not just because their food is better. Every The Littles store has a huge play area where kids can play, while parents can enjoy a worry-free break. The Littles employs trained childcare staff to accompany children in the play areas and make sure they stay safe. A whole quarter of the restaurant area is dedicated to the children’s play area and has more than ten stations, including a ball pool, trampoline, slide, Legos, play kitchen, entertainment cabin, etc.

In order to further satisfy kids’ fun and parents’ peace of mind, The Littles invested a ton of effort in designing the spaces. “In the kids’ play area, we made safety our number one design priority; and for parents, we wanted to make sure they could see their kids no matter where they chose to sit, so we installed monitors throughout the restaurant, making sure there was no invisible corner.”

Opening Time:



average 131RMB per person


The Littles 亲子餐厅 (Yintai in99)

L5 of Yintai Center, the north section of Tianfu Avenue



Seaside City Mall 海滨城购物中心

The Chengdu Seaside City Mall offers many activities that have made it a top entertainment spot in Chengdu. Within the mall, guests can visit the Cube Aquarium, relax on a synthetic beach, climb a pirate ship, and go shopping in one of the largest shopping centers in China. The mall also has aquatic tunnels housing over 10,000 species of marine life. The Chengdu Seaside City Mall is a shopper’s paradise and tourist destination wrapped up in one incredible location.

Opening Time:



depends on package


Chengdu Seaside City Mall 海滨城购物中心

No 88 Shuangnan Avenue, Seaside City mall, Jiao Long Gang



Haichang Polar Ocean Park 海昌极地海洋世界

The Haichang Polar Ocean Park is the largest marine life park in southwest China. Similar to SeaWorld in the United States, Haichang is host to a wide variety of marine life, such as polar bears, sea lions, sharks, and penguins. Daily whale and dolphin shows, a wave pool, and a variety of activities for children help to make a full day of family fun.

Disclaimer: reports from the WeChatsphere say this place houses the world’s saddest polar bear.

Opening Time:



Varies from 90 RMB to 200 RMB depending on which ticket options you choose


Haichang Polar Ocean Park 海昌极地海洋世界

No.2037, Tianfu Avenue South, Shuangliu Town



Paradise Island Water Park 天堂岛海洋乐园

Paradise Island Water Park inside the Global Center is one of the world’s best indoor water parks. Ride the waves on Paradise Island’s ocean-sized wave pool and slide down endless looping water slides. Splash in the massive water playground, complete with water cannons, jungle gym, and slides—but watch out for the humongous overhead bucket that releases a waterfall every 5 minutes! There’s a quieter, gentler water play place for kids under five, and families can enjoy a Lazy River Raft Ride that snakes through the entire park. Try the ropes course, surf some waves, play in the sandbox, or adventure the exhilarating White-Water Abyss. No matter which rides you choose, an enjoyable day will be had by all ages.

Opening Time:



160 RMB per adult (Mon to Thu), 180 RMB per adult (Fri to Sun)

80 RMB per child below 1.2m (Mon to Thu), 90 RMB (Fri to Sun)


Paradise Island Water Park 天堂岛海洋乐园

No.1700, Tianfu Avenue North, Wuhou District (inside the Global Center)



Sunac Water and Snow World 成都融创文旅城

The Chengdu Sunac Cultural Tourism City Water and Snow World is a massive facility located in Dujiangyan. The project is a gigantic indoor water park and artificial ski slopes, with a shopping mall (opening in September 2020) attached.

The facility covers 367,600 square metres and is reported to be the largest reinforced concrete structure to hold an indoor ski resort in China. The Water Park has all the slides and water fun to keep you busy for a day. Snow World comprises of seven floors, two of which are underground and five above ground. The 75,000 sq/m ski dome will count 3 slopes and a capacity of 2,000 skiers per day.


Intersection of Waijiang bridge and Qingchengshan Avenue in Dujiangyan City, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province


Operating Hours:



Saturday & Sunday


Sunac Water Park 成都融创水世界: 180RMB
Sunac Snow World 成都融创雪世界: 298RMB


Teddy Bear Museum 

Opened in 2012, the Chengdu Teddy Bear Museum is a cute, child-friendly museum dedicated entirely to teddies. With over 1000 teddies on display spread over three floors, this is the largest of its kind in the world. Begin on the second floor, where you can visit the China Hall, where teddy bears recreate scenes from Chinese tales, and the Art Bears, where the teddies become classic figures from paintings .


Jinhu Ave,Wenjiang 金湖大道,温江


60RMB/person, free for kids under1.2m

Opening hour:

10:00-17:30 weekdays, 10:00-18:00 weekends

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