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  • Giulia Saggio

    I studied Mandarin as my major and after graduating I decided to attend a 3 month course at That’s Mandarin Chengdu. Wan laoshi (Abigaile) was the first one I’ve been in touch with and Bi laoshi (Sophia) organized my stay in an apartment near the city centre. They were extremely helpful and even helped me activate my Chinese SIM card. Wu laoshi then helped me install the Chinese apps, and explained to me how to buy the train tickets. My teacher Long laoshi was incredible: our lessons were really useful for my level and I loved his energy in class! For the first month I attended a group class, and then because they didn’t have students at the same level as me (HSK4, TM6) I had to do only 1 on 1 classes for the next 2 months, which helped me improve for sure, but considering the halved time I think that group classes were more useful for me, also because it’s more difficult for me to stay focused when class is all about me (lol). The school also organizes some cool events during the week! They taught me how to play Sichuan majiang and also invited me to do some presentations about my life in Chengdu and about Italian wines to improve my speaking level. Some remarks I have to make are about the books and the schedule flexibility: I paid a really high fee for my books, and in the end they weren’t even used in class, and the level they covered was too low compared to my Mandarin level; also when I asked if I could move my classes even two weeks before the date in which I reserved a one day trip, it was denied to me because they have to follow the schedule strictly: in a 3 month period I could only move my class once and in some cases we had class even during the Chinese holidays, so it was hard for me to find time to travel and explore China. But I really had a nice time in Chengdu thanks to all the staff’s beautiful souls and kind hearts! I already miss being in Chengdu waiting for my morning class with Long laoshi! Grazie mille ragazzi💕

    In the picture: Wan laoshi, me and Long laoshi!

  • Liang

    After 3 months having physical classes in That’s mandarin Chengdu I think it’s a great school.

    Teacher Wu which is my teacher is a very good teacher.

    She tries to help you, as much as she can.
    Her method of teaching is very good, for example she uses drawings to help you memorize the words or make reference to the words to help you memorize them.

    Further more everyone treats you nicely and the school also organizes events for example game nights and drinks event which is good to meet new people.

    The school is also very flexible when adjusting dates if for example you want to move to other cities.

    Overall I honestly have nothing bad to say to say about the school because even if there is a problem they will try to fix it right away !

  • Jay

    I can’t say enough good things about the Chengdu campus of ThatsMandarin. First it’s located in the perfect area surrounded by small coffee shops, noodle restaurants and many other great places to eat and relax. It’s centrally located near parks, the center of downtown and subway stations. The campus itself is in a beautiful building with very nice facilities. The faculty and staff are friendly and super supportive of their students. All the teachers take a real interest in the progress and learning of their students. My experience with teacher Wu was extraordinary. She really cared about my progress and helped me advance my Mandarin greatly during the two months I took classes. I’ll be back for more. The school and program they have developed with all the support material is first class. It’s a true total experience. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to experience language learning in a beautiful city in China.

  • Daniel gonzalez

    Super contento de ser parte de la escuela, llevo tan solo dos semanas y siento que he logrado avanzar mucho con mi nivel de chino, su plataforma es sin duda una de las mejores que he visto, super util!!. Todas las personas del equipo That’s Mandarin son muy amigables, me hacen sentir como en mi casa. Como diríamos en colombia🇨🇴,que chimba estar aqui!😎

  • Manfredi cicogna

    I completed one month of lessons in october and I felt my chinese language skills had a big boost. Teachers are incredible, well prepared and use very innovative methods

  • Ryan Alford

    This is an excellent and well-rounded school to study Mandarin at. The in-person lessons combine speaking, listening and reading really well, and the online platform lets you study in an engaging way from home. After 18 lessons with both Wu laoshi and Long laoshi, I cannot recommend them enough. They are both professional, caring and knowledgeable teachers. The school also offers opportunities to learn about Chinese culture outside of the classroom (now I’m ~basically~ a pro at Mahjong). If you want to learn Mandarin, sign up for some lessons. You won’t be disappointed!

  • Michael Harkins

    I am about to complete a 4 week intensive language course with That’s Mandarin Chengdu. It has been a wonderful experience and I will be feeling sad when it finishes and I have to leave Chengdu!! The head of the school, Wan laoshi, has been extremely helpful and informative from my first online enquiry about the course until the present. She is also a great mahjong teacher. Sarah, the student coordinator, found a wonderful apartment in a great area for me to stay during my course and even showed me the subway system and took me for lunch on my first day here!
    My teacher, Wu laoshi, has been amazing and I have learned so much from her. She has a gift for explaining the logic of the Chinese language and characters in an entertaining and easy to understand manner. I will be continuing my studies with her online.

    I could not recommend That’s Mandarin Chengdu highly enough!!!

  • Alastair White

    I have just finished 18 lessons, and I can’t believe I’ve done that many already … the time is simply flying by and the time with my teacher goes so quickly too.
    He’s a great teacher and really knows his stuff, and I highly recommend him – Long laoshi, as opposed to Short!! (Bad English humour! … bad! bad! bad! 🙂 )
    If you’re going to study Mandarin I couldn’t think of a better place to learn – just be prepared to do some hard work and it will all pay off in the end!

    Wanxin, the head of Chengdu That’s Mandarin, is also brilliant and will help you all the way. I’ve known her for a lot longer than I’ve had lessons and she is not only very genuine and fun to be with, but someone you can trust … AND she cares about you too.


    I have taken 10 classes with the best teacher! This has prepared me for my future trip to the school.My advisor and teacher were so helpful and encouraging. they are truly hands on teachers who take your personal journey into your education plan. I have never been so pleased with an experience. i look forward to my trip and have made wonderful friends already. if you are looking for a language school this is the top!! Ask for Wu laoshi, she is the best teacher ever!!if you are lucky you will have her but you cant go wrong with this school,great communication, passioate teachers who are invested in your personal journey,& wallet friendly.

  • Dale Singh

    I recently completed 34 lessons with the That’s Mandarin school in Chengdu and the quality of the lessons has been excellent. I particularly loved the online platform that helps with reinforcing with what you learn during your lesson. They also have supplementary books that accompany the online platform and gives you fun facts about Chinese culture too. I would highly recommend looking into trying them out.


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