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The Biggest Halloween Production in Town

Each year, Jellyfish throws its highly anticipated Halloween party in both JellyOne and Jellyfish LKF.It looks like the spookiest season of the year is about to hit Chengdu hard very soon and believe us, you will remember it…if you make

Chengdu’s New Shopping Centres

The number of mega retail destinations opening in town this year will not match last year’s, but there are still lots of new places to check out. Chengdu is globally ranked very high for the new amount of upcoming mixed real estate.Residents in

New and Modern Reading Spaces in Chengdu

[:en]Bookstores in Chengdu are remolding themselves to keep up with the changing times; check out a list of new, trendy bookstores perfect for afternoon reading:“A book store is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are