Each year, Jellyfish throws its highly anticipated Halloween party in both JellyOne and Jellyfish LKF.

It looks like the spookiest season of the year is about to hit Chengdu hard very soon and believe us, you will remember it…if you make it throughtheir two awesome sets!

JellyOne and Jellyfish LKF want to welcome you to the darkest side of Chengdu, the scariest nights of the year with what is, by far, their spookiest productions:


The Slaughterhouse and Disney Nightmare.

Can’t make up your mind on what you should do?

How about we break it to you …

They only aim to amaze, they only aim to excite;

… yes, what you are down for is a hell of a night.


They are out for blood this Halloween, and so is their cannibal butcher… this year, JellyOne is The Slaughterhouse.

Welcome, come inside and you might never leave …

That butcher’s blade is probably the sharpest in town and his tools are craving for blood, so you better start running because there’s no place to hide except by the bar … but beware his twin brother and his chainsaw on the way!

We are about to kill it this year: the darkest drinks, adrenaline giving music and bloodiest atmosphere are going to be waiting for you in JellyOne !

Enter our Slaughterhouse for FREE but leave only if you survive …Be prepared to party like never this Halloween, it’s a night you won’t forget, for sure !

Come get your free drink this upcoming
29th on Ladies Night Halloween edition, they are to die for and get ready for some supersized Halloween business during XL Night the 30th !


Broken dreams and silent screams are on the agenda in Jellyfish LKF, get ready for some deadly fun.

Some call it the happiest place on earth, we call it a nightmare come true …

Take our hand, let us take you to the dark side of the creepiest party in town… mind your step while walking through the haunted park, you might stumble across something you don’t want to see…

Dead princesses, strange carousels and creepy fog are what you will get this year in Jellyfish LKF. Check out our zombified bartenders, get a drink and show us some deadly dance moves on the dancefloor !

Sounds like something you can handle ? … come inside if you dare.

Loads of fun will be waiting for you: amazing dance shows, awesome decoration, great music, the BEST in town !

Join the biggest Halloween production in town these upcoming 27th, 28th and 31st.

It’s a party you don’t want to miss so scan the QR code below and get your tickets today including one free drink!
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The first 15 people to share this article will get a free ticket to attend the Jellyfish LKF event ! So share this on your moments and send a screen shot to the Chengdu-Expat phone. The first 15 will win tickets!

Don’t forget to put on your scariest costume, come party with us like it’s the last night of your life !