Looking for a bar? Check out our list of great bars in Chengdu.

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    Moonshine Bar, Mixology & Whisky

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    DOKO Bar Chengdu – 客从何处来 成都

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    Full House Bar

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    The Hang Records & Bar 得行唱片餐吧

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    Zinnbach Beer Bar 辛巴赫啤酒馆

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    Hedge Wine Bar 海致红酒馆

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    Orangutan Hookah & Cocktail

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    The Leg & Whistle 皇家橡树酒吧

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    Erma Pub 贰麻酒馆 [TV Tower Branch]

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    Niccolo Bar 尼依格罗酒吧

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    Mado 麻朵酒吧 [CLOSED]

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    The Vino House Jazz Bar 叁西葡萄酒餐吧 

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    Bar· Mu 威士忌吧

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    La Cigogne

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    Beer Animal Taproom 猛犸

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    Anzu Whisky & Cocktail

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    The Bridge Bar and Restaurant

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    TG House Jazz Bar

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    Nanmen Craft Brewery 南门精酿

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    Above the Cloud Taproom 在云精酿啤酒馆

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