• Ros Niyom

    Ros Niyom‘Most authentic Thai Restaurant in Chengdu”Address167 – 169 Guang He Er Street, Gaoxin District (Opposite of Nanzhan Park)高新区广和二街167-169号(南站公园对面)

  • Royal Thai Consulate-General 泰国领事馆

    Royal Thai Consulate-General Chengdu 泰王国驻成都领事馆Address: 12F, Building 4, Fengde International Plaza, 9 Hangkong Rd.航空路9号丰德国际广场4栋12层Tel.: 6689-7861 transfer to 8017 or 8019thai-chengdu@hotmail.comhttp://www.thaiembassy.org/chengdu/zh/home

  • Sabaidee Thai Restaurant 萨芭蒂.高空花园餐吧

    Sabaidee Thai Restaurant 萨芭蒂.高空花园餐吧Thai restaurant & lounge with a great view on the city.RMB 100ppAddress: LinYin Street No. 5, Wuhou District 武侯区林荫街5号(华西大厦B座二单元1902室,农商银行楼上,四川省地震局,四川大学华西校区东区旁)Tel.: 028-87444828

  • Thai Shark Fin Restaurant

    Thai Shark Fin RestaurantTry their raw prawn.RMB 140pp⌚️ 10am-2pm, 5pm-9pm☎️ 028-85220393Address: ShengLong Street No. 10, Consulate road 领事馆路盛隆街10号(中日会馆对面)☎️ 028-85132729Address: Building 11, 2F Zijin Ming Yuan, Wuhou District 武侯区神仙树南路紫荆名园11栋2楼(中海名城对面)☎️ 028-81706600Address: #208-212, No.85 Guanghua village, Qingyang District 青羊区光华村街85号附208号至212号☎️ 028-85968867Address: No.88 Shundong Road, Gao Xin Dian 高新店顺东街88号

  • 青柠花园泰国海鲜火锅

    Qingninghuayuan Thai Seafood Hotpot 青柠花园泰国海鲜火锅RMB 80pp⌚️ 10am-10pm☎️ 028-83575995Address: 4F LongHu JinNan Tian Street, Wuhou District 武侯区龙湖金楠天街4楼(千盛百货)☎️ 028-84440186Address: 4F, Long Hu San Qian Ji Shopping Mall, Chenghua District 成华区龙湖三千集购物中心4楼☎️ 028-61989826Address: Hengda Square (next to St. Regis), No.99 Ti Du Rd, Qingyang District 青羊区提督街99号恒大广场4楼☎️ 028-613666856Address: 1F Jinniu Wanda Plaza, Jinniu District 金牛区一环路北三段1号万达广场步行街1楼

  • Morning Bangkok Thai Restaurant 早安曼谷泰国风格主题店

    Morning Bangkok Thai Restaurant 早安曼谷泰国风格主题店This cozy yet vibrant Thai restaurant is a nice place to experience superb and friendly customer service, while listening to Jazz music and enjoying on authentic Thai food, including special Thai desserts and drinks.Address: 25 Xiangxiang alley, Wangping St., Dongfengdaqiao Bridge 东风大桥望平街香香巷(猛追湾派出所旁) 18687177784, 185028408145pm – 10pm

  • Marche Thai Style Hotpot

    Marche Thai Style HotpotWalking in to the restaurant is inviting and refreshing. The staff were friendly and very helpful. The decor of the restaurant is contemporary with a bit of industrial design. The fresh seafood and assortment of vegetables left no one hungry. All the seafood was fresh and is Read more [...]


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