Check out where to enjoy New Year in Chengdu. Start 2017 with drinks, friends  and merriment. 


1. 餐厅/ Restaurants12月31December 31: BBQ BRAAI @ The Beer Nest II


special South African style Barbecue called a BRAAI – meat, drinks, friends  and merriment

票价: 提前预定烧烤套餐(直到10月19日): 120元

*场地/ Venue: 啤酒窝2/ The Beer Nest II 

*Time/ 时间: Dec. 31th /12月31号

Tickets: BBQ Package Presale (until 30/12): 120RMB
On the day: 150 RMB
 [only 10 available]

*地址/ Address: 人民南路四段48号附32号,首座万里商业街1楼

Renmin South Road Section 4 – No. 48-32, Master Commercial Street

*RSVP: Scan QR code or 15108360121


12月31日/Dec. 31: New Year @Grappa`s


*Date/ 日期: Dec. 31/ 12月31号

*Time/ 时间: 5pm, 7pm or 9pm/ 晚5点7点或者9点

*Venue/ 场地: Grappa`s 意大利餐厅

*Address/ 地址: 2F 2242#,Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li,8 Middle Shamao Street  锦江区中纱帽街8号成都远洋太古里二层2242号

*Price/价格: A La Carte Menu

*Reservation/ 预订: 028-64661786


12月31日/Dec. 31: McElroy’s Irish Pub

*Venue/ 场地: McElroy’s Irish Pub

*Time/ 时间: Whenever you wish -48hours notice is required

*Address/ 地址: 1-36/37 East Poly Centre, 1 Jinxiu Rd., Wuhou District 锦绣路1号保利中心东区商铺附36, 37号


12月31日/Dec. 31: @Bucciano
*Date/ 日期: Dec. 31/ 12月31号

*Venue/场地:Bucciano Wine & Dine Italian Restaurant 意大利文化餐厅

*Address/ 地址: 314 of Building B, 3 floor, No.1 of Jinxiu Rd 锦绣路1号保利中心B座3楼314


RMB 198 pre-sale till 30/12

RMB 238 on 31/12

Incl. Buffet till 23:30. RMB 50 drink card for 10 drinks

*Reservation/ 预订: 18081187871


12月31日/Dec. 31: The Arthouse NY*Venue/场地: The Arthouse

*Address/ 地址:

*Reservation/ 预订: 81474530 or Wechat “18602812601”


12月31日/Dec. 31: NY @The Abbaye


*Venue/ 场地: The Abbaye 爱杯比利时餐厅*Address/ 地址:  1337, 1/F, Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li, 8 Middle Shamao St. 远洋太古里一层1337号

12月22-31December 22-31:  NY Raclette @ The Beer Nest II
beer-nest-raclette-low-qualityRaclette incl. melted cheese, ham, baked potatoes, bread and salad. 


*场地/ Venue: 啤酒窝2/ The Beer Nest II 

*Time/ 时间: Dec. 22-31/12月22-31号

*Price/价格: RMB 180pp

*地址/ Address: 人民南路四段48号附32号,首座万里商业街1楼

Renmin South Road Section 4 – No. 48-32, Master Commercial Street

*RSVP: Scan QR code or 15108360121

12月31日/Dec. 31: NY’s Extravaganza @TIVANO*Date/ 日期: Dec.31th/ 12月31号

*Venue/ 场地: TIVANO Italian Restaurant 意大利餐厅 @The Temple House 博舍

*Address/ 地址B1, No.81 Bitieshi Street, Jinjiang District 锦江区笔帖式街81号负一层

*Price/价格: Set Menu RMB 688 +16% per person

*Reservation/ 预订: 028-62974190

2. 酒吧/ Bars12月29-31日/Dec. 29-31: All-you-can-drink @Draft Beer Factory
*Venue/ 场地: Nonly Idea Factory

*Time/ 时间: 19:30-Late

*Address/ 地址: No. 40 Hua Pai Fang 花牌坊40号無里创意工厂

12月31日/Dec. 31: Beer Cheers @The Beer Nest I + II

12月31日/Dec. 31: Winter Wonderland @Vantage XXVII*Venue/场地:Vantage XXVII @St. Regis Chengdu

*Address/ 地址: Qingyang District, TaiSheng South Road No.88 青羊区太升南路88号

*Price/价格: Adult/成人 RMB 988

*Reservation/ 预订:(028)6283 0653

12月31日/Dec. 31: NY’s Eve Countdown @ Mooney’s*Venue/场地: Mooney’s @Shangri-La Hotel 香格里拉大酒店*Address/ 地址: Binjiang East Road No. 9 滨江东路9号

*Reservation/ 预订: (028)88889999

12月31日/Dec. 31: NY @Jellyfish 1*Venue/场地: Jellyfish 1 水母1

*Address/ 地址: Blue Carribean Plaza 1F 科华北路143号蓝色加勒比2楼

12月31日/Dec. 31: Costume Party @Wooton


12月31日/Dec. 31: NY’s Party @Paulaner2016-ny-chengdubeer-paulaner

*Time/时间: 6pm-1am

*Venue/场地:Paulaner @Kempinski Chengdu

*Address/ 地址: No. 42, 4th Section, South Road 人民南路42号

*Price/价格: RMB 328 incl. free flow of Paulaner beer, selected house wine and sparkling

12月31日/Dec. 31: NY’s Party @XiMi

Grand Hyatt Xi Mi

香槟套餐:人民币 688 元/每位 (净价)

香槟套餐:人民币 588 元/每位(净价)

香槟套餐:人民币 528 元/每位(净价)

12月22-31December 22-31Food & Drinks Specials @ Hugos


*Venue/ 场地Hugo’s Brewpub

*Address/ 地址: Gaoxin District, Zishan Road No. 22 (Pedestrian street next to Millenium Hotel) 成都高新区紫衫路22号(上海花园步行街里面)

12月31日/Dec. 31: Ravelli’s Countdown @Taiga


12月31日/Dec. 31: Carnival NY @Propaganda2016-ny-chengdubeer-propaganda

*Venue/ 场地: Propaganda

*Address/ 地址: 1F, Fun2 Shopping Mall, 339 Television Tower (East Chengdu) 成都339欢乐颂1楼(四川电视塔)

*RSVP/ 预定: 13348840881

12月31日/Dec. 31: NY @FLAIR12月31日/Dec. 31: Glitter Party @Shamrock


*Venue/ 场地: Shamrock 三叶草

*Dress code: Glamour & glitter

*Address/ 地址: 15. Renmin South Rd., section 4. Metro line 1, Nijiaqiao Station.

12月31日/Dec. 31: Angels & Demons @JING Bar


*Date/ 日期: Dec.31th/ 12月31号

*Venue/ 场地: JING Bar

*Address/ 地址B1, No.81 Bitieshi Street, Jinjiang District 锦江区笔帖式街81号负一层


Hell Tables [max. 4 guests]: RMB 1000, incl. 1 bottle of Deutz Champagne (0.75l)

Paradise Tables [max. 12 guests]: RMB 3000, incl. 1 bottle of Jeroboam Deutz (3l)

*Reservation/ 预订: 028-66369999

12月31日/Dec. 31: Masquerade Party @Underground

*Venue/场地: Underground Bar 隧道酒吧*Address/ 地址: No.6, Taipingnanxin St, Jiuyan Bridge, In the tunnel between Babi 2 & 1855 九眼桥太平南新街6号

12月31日/Dec. 31: NY Countdown @.TAG

*Venue/ 场地: .TAG

*Time/ 时间: 9pm-late

*Address/ 地址: Polycenter East Area, Block A Building 2118 成都市武侯区锦绣路保利中心东区A座2118

*Tickets/ 票: 30RMB

12月31日/Dec. 31: NY @Honey & Malt


*Venue/场地: Honey and Malt 蜜和麦

*Address/ 地址: 桐梓林东路20号附8号 No. 20-8 Tongzilin East Road

Phone Number/ 电话号: 18518475006

*Price/价格: RMB100 All-you-can drink drafts

12月31日/Dec. 31: NY @Jellyfish 2


*Venue/场地: Jellyfish Lan Kwai Fong 水母兰桂坊*Address/ 地址: Jinjiang District, East Binjiang Road No. 1. Lan Kwai Fong , +1/F, Building 2-3 锦江区滨江东路水津街1号, 兰桂坊+1/F, 2-3

*Price/价格: RMB100, incl. 1 drink

4. 其他/ Variety

12月31日-1月2日/Dec. 31- Jan. 2: NY Outdoor Concert

3-day event with >120 performances. Shows including singing and dancing, acrobatics, magic, live music, performances, will be staged at different places in the park.
*Venue/场地成都东郊记忆 Eastern Suburb Memory

*Address/ 地址: 4 South Branch Jianshe Rd. 建设南路支路4号

12月31日-1月1日/Dec. 31- Jan. 1: NY Music and Art Festival


1月1日/ Jan. 1st: Movie Night2016-ny-chengdubeer-new-new-movie

1月1日-2月1日/ Jan. 1st – Feb. 1st: Cool Trip New Year Trips

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