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Supercharge your Chinese in Stunning Sichuan this Summer

A Full Immersion Scenic Summer CampIf learning Chinese is one of your resolutions this year, and traveling another, then this is the place for you.From July 22nd – 29th July, Chinese Corner will organize a Chinese Immersion Summer Camp, offering

Mobile Phone Cards for Foreigners in Chengdu

 How Foreigners Apply for Mobile Phone Cards in Chengdu? China’s first full-service outlet of China Telecom operating at the airport, was put into service at Chengdu Tianfu International Airport in February. The outlet, located next to the exit for international travelers at

Guide to Payment Services for Foreigners in Chengdu

Official Guide to Make Foreigners’ Payments Easier in ChengduDepartments of Chengdu Municipal Government recently published a Guide to Payment Services for International Visitors in Chengdu, providing instructions on using overseas bank cards, mobile payment, CNY notes, e-CNY and the Chinese bank cards. Information

WeChat: The Hidden Features

The social media application provides just about every function you can think of.  

Mobile RMB Transfers: Speed and Savings for Foreigners in China

• To consistently improve the remittance experiences in China, SkyRemit is offering a legit RMB transfer service dedicated to expats.• This new solution ensures a faster, more convenient and more economical way to send RMB home. This not only allows

Where to Buy Halloween Costumes in Chengdu

Love it, or loathe it, Halloween is fast approaching. That means the time has come to choose your spooky costumes. It seems as though this holiday largely celebrated in the past by Americans, has provided Chinese stores with the perfect

6 NEW Cool WeChat Features (July 2023)

• The can-do-everything APP WeChat has just launched some cool new features, trying to keep it ever competitive with other apps in the ecosystem (like the every-growing XiaoHongShu aka RED). Just like Instagram or RED, you can now pin your

Apply for your English Vaccine Record in Chengdu

• First things first, please note that the vaccine record mentioned in this article does not mean that returning to China has, or will get any easier. Very few foreigners are still able to return at the moment and compulsory quarantine

How to Promote your Chengdu Event for FREE

If you organise events in Chengdu and want to spread the word – don’t miss the chance to showcase your activity or promotion for FREE, to Chengdu’s largest and most vibrant online community of international and local English speakers.Anyone is welcome to add their event

WeChat 8.0 is Here! Check out the Major Updates.

WeChat has undeniably changed the way we communicate in China thanks largely to a myriad of amazing features.• On January 21, 2021, exactly ten years after WeChat released the beta version 1.0 for iPhone users, iOS Version 8.0 was released.

You May Lose Your Chinese Mobile Number If It Is Out of Balance

You May Lose Your Chinese Mobile Number If It Is Out of Balance For people stuck abroad, I guess many of you are not using your chinese mobile phone number, and may be haven’t checked its balance for a long time.For

Getting Inked in Chengdu

Getting inked in China is no longer a taboo, and Chengdu is quickly becoming one of the most tattooed cities in the Middle Kingdom – along with Kunming, Lijiang and the east coast megacities.

Who Can & How to Come back to China [Update]

Good news, China are now reopening more China Visa Application Service Centres in even more countries.  Following the news that 36 EU countries were added to this list, even more, countries have been listed. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone from

A Guide to Paying Utility Bills in Chengdu

So you’ve finally sorted out your apartment, but you still have to pay your utility bills. Here is how to pay for gas, electricity, water, and management fees in Chengdu.Gas Generally speaking, there are two ways of doing this:1. Pay in

How to Apply for a Credit Card in China

How to Apply for a Credit Card in China Are you interested in getting a Chinese credit card in Chengdu? You probably use credit cards all the time back home but not in China due to the multiple mobile payment options.

What To Do During An Earthquake

What To Do During An EarthquakeLast night (Monday 17th June 2019) at 10.55pm, a magnitude 6.0 earthquake in Yibin sent tremors throughout Sichuan, and set WeChat ablaze with videos of swinging chandeliers and crumbling dry wall.If you’re living in Chengdu or Chongqing,

Chengdu to Launch 6 Day Visa-Free Transit Policy

Here’s all the info you need for Chengdu’s upcoming 144 hours long visa-free transit policy. Visiting Chengdu is about to get just a little easier.

Guide to the City: ChengduExpat Mini-Program

ChengduExpat+ Mini-ProgramOver the last year, Chengdu Expat has been working towards the exciting launch of our new Mini-Program. The aim of the program is to provide you with up-to-date news, locations, and events for things happening in and around Chengdu.You

How To Open a Bank Account in Chengdu

Opening a bank account in Chengdu is almost an essential as the city relies more and more on electronic payments. Here’s everything you need to know:Documents to Prepare Before Opening a New Bank Account:Passport (Original + Photocopy).Have your phone number

Buying and Developing Film in Chengdu

The same as Vinyl records, film photography has been making a mainstream comeback within recent years. With vintage colors, moody shades, and unexpected twangs of light, many people are starting to become curious about the art of developing and printing