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SMILE – Refractive Laser Eye Surgery in Chengdu

• If you’ve been thinking about saying goodbye to your glasses or correcting visual impairments, it is now safe and affordable, with some of the world’s leading specialists, on your doorstep. • Myopia has become a very common problem with

Where to Get a Trustworthy Haircut in Chengdu?

Partners Hair Salon: It’s your time to shineIt can sometimes be risky going to a new hairdresser, especially if you’re new in China. Cutting, coloring, and styling trends in China can be different to those we’re used to back home,

Barley Microneedle Hair Transplant in China

 Hair loss can be a difficult and emotional experience for many individuals. Are you tired of dealing with hair loss and baldness? Do you want to regain your confidence and get back the hair you deserve? but worried about the

New Health & Well-Being Center Opens in Chengdu

• It’s not always easy to take care of our wellness here in Southwest China – but 8 Pillars of Health is here to full that gap.• 8 Pillars is a brand-new health and well-being center situation right beside the ShenXianShu Subway

Surviving the Winter Pollution in Chengdu

Here’s How to Survive Winter Pollution in Chengdu• Winter is well and truly on the way in Chengdu, and with this icy blast of weather, we’ve been blessed with another winter special; grey skies, and high AQI.• Chengdu generally experiences

Helpful Western Medicines in Chinese

So you’re sick in China, but you’re not sure where to access Western medicines, or not ready to try Traditional Chinese Medicine yet? • Because of COVID-19, lots of fever and cough medicine (especially paracetamol based ones) are currently be hard

Clinics, Hospitals and Healthcare in Chengdu

Clinics, Hospitals and Healthcare for other diseasesClinicsDr. Leo ClinicLanguage: English, ChineseMedical Services: Adult & Children General, Medical Consultation, Medication & Treatment, prevention Medicine & Referral Services, Mental Health Advice, Health Education & Health Management for Corporate Clients, Senior & Sports

Where to Get a 24-Hour COVID Test in Chengdu

• We all know there are lots of places to get a COVID test in Chengdu, and there are even more now testing kiosks have sprung up on many street corners: but we still get people asking us daily where to

Health Insurance for Foreigners: All-in-One Guide

• Health insurance is a sensitive topic for most of us as it is directly related to the peace of mind of the most important pillar in life – our health. Most foreigners in China are sold more comprehensive plans than

The People’s Biltong, by Tomahawk

Living abroad has its clear advantages. Its an exciting life full of opportunity, where you’re submerged in different cultures, meet new people and live new experiences every day.But there are some elements from home, let’s face it, that we find tough being

Chengdu Dental Clinics with English Services

Many dental clinics in Chengdu provide service in English. We make a selection of decent dental clinics for you. ADG Dental 茁悦口腔Advanced Dental Group is a full-service dental group specialized in Dental implant, Orthodontics, Cosmetic Restoration and Pediatric Dentistry.We were established

Garbage Sorting Starting in Chengdu

Garbage is an unavoidable problem for any city, and an even bigger problem for the world. At present, the best way to manage it, is to sort it by type. We all have a part to play in creating efficient waste

Hair Salons and Barbershops in Chengdu

 Finding a worthy hairdresser or barber to entrust your locks into can be complicated even without a language and a culture barrier  We often resort to screenshots of the style we want or shots from a few angles of our last good

Vegetarian Restaurants in Chengdu

Chengdu is rich with Buddhist influences, so vegetarian dishes and restaurants should be available in abundance…But, if a stroll down the average hotpot riddled street leaves you wanting more diverse and exciting vegetarian options, then this list is for you.

Health Code Guidelines for China’s Major Cities

Whilst COVID-19 is not longer a BIG risk in China, you still often need a city’s specific health code if you plan to travel in China. Here’s the health code guide for you to go to these locations in China:If your

Neglecting your Health in Chengdu?

Many of us living in Chengdu’s international community don’t have our annual check-ups, or see a doctor for prostate examinations, or pap smears – that would be common place back home. The reasons for this are many; we don’t know where

[CLOSED] Gleneagles Hospital Chengdu: Healthcare You Can Trust

CLOSED END OF 2022Gleneagles Hospital 成都鹰阁医院 Located right next to the East Railway Station, Gleneagles is a hospital that provides up to 350 beds. Gleneagles is a symbolic international hospital brand of IHH Healthcare, and it is also a part of

How To Use Chengdu’s Health Apps

Although things are certainly getting closer to normality in the city, many residential compounds, malls, gyms, bars, and restaurants are asking for people to show a color coded permit, or government issued app to prove they aren’t a health risk.Unfortunately

24Hours Compulsory Quarantine for ALL International Arrivals at CTU

24Hours Compulsory Quarantine for Testing for almost all arrivals now at CTU+ 14 Days mandatory quarantine at a designated location if visited high-risk countries (and perhaps all travelers, reports are now coming in)From March 18th, all international arrivals in Chengdu

COVID-19’s Domino Effect: Global Pandemic

Data statistics, as of 2020/04/20, 11:00With more than 2.4 million COVID-19 cases confirmed, and death toll hitting over 160,000 in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide according to Johns Hopkins University, people are being advised to avoid public and