Sichuan, incl. Chengdu

Tianfu Health Code

Step 1: Access the Mini Program

Foreign nationals, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents can use the WeChat to scan the QR code to apply for the Tianfu Health Code.

Step 2: Declaration Entry

Log in the home page and enter the application page by “Click Here”.

Step 3: Special Note of Your Declaration

When you enter the application page, you will see a special note of your declaration, which states that the information provided by foreign nationals is voluntary and not mandatory; and the information provided is only used for the prevention and control of the COVID-19. Users can select the language in the upper right corner, and proceed to the next step by clicking Next.

Step 4: Declare Information

Note: name and ID number must comply with one’s ID documents.

Step 5: Information Review

After being filled, the information proceeds to be reviewed. Within 24 hours the review will be processed. For the declaration that is not complete and fails the review, there will be a hint to redeclare.

Step 6: Health Code

Once the declaration is successfully processed, you can log on the Mini Program to see the Code, whose colour is classified according to health standards. Health information below the Code can be updated by the Code owner while the name and ID Number cannot be changed. Health information can be updated for only once within 24 hours as to avoid malicious manipulation.

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