Join HawkTrading: Your E-Commerce Partnership Opportunity

Delivering high-quality products and services across the globe

Who We Are:

HawkTrading is a dynamic international trading company with our own factories in China, delivering high-quality products and services across the globe. Established in 2015, we have grown rapidly and are dedicated to providing exceptional trading services and solutions to our clients.

Our Services:

HawkTrading offers a comprehensive range of services, including:
– Full-service international trade management
– Advanced logistics and supply chain solutions
– Customized trading strategies and market analysis
– E-commerce tech support
– International payment solutions

In 2023, we achieved a significant milestone with a 22% growth rate, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our operations span various industries, and we leverage cutting-edge technology to ensure efficient and effective service delivery.

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What We Need:

To effectively run our business in different local environments, we need local partners to help us understand the local environment and establish a local legal presence, set up local merchant services as well as help us to deal the local affairs. This will enable us to efficiently serve local customers and streamline our operations.

In addition, the work can be done even if you are in China, and won’t take much time each day, when the framework is built up, it will become a good source of passive income for our cooperating partners.

Countries of Interest:

We are currently looking for partners from the following countries:
– United Kingdom
– Germany
– Luxembourg
– France
– Spain
– Switzerland
– Netherlands
– Canada
– Australia
– Italy
– Sweden
– Denmark
– Singapore
– Malaysia


If you already have an LLC in your local country, we can start our partnership right away.
If you don’t have an LLC yet but are qualified for our partnership, we will work together to establish one from scratch.

Why Partner with Us:

Be part of a growing international company with a solid reputation and extensive market reach.
Benefit from our expertise and support in setting up and managing local operations.
We will do 100% investment in the partnership including the commodity procurement, international logistics, technical facilities, advertisement investment and professional customer services for our potential clients.

Get Started:

If you are interested in becoming our local partner and contributing to our mutual growth, please contact us. We look forward to building a successful partnership together.

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About HawkTrading:

HawkTrading is committed to providing top-notch trading services, leveraging our expertise and innovative solutions to meet the needs of our global clients. With a dedicated team and a robust infrastructure, we are poised to continue our growth trajectory and achieve new heights in the international trading arena.


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