Korean Restaurants in Chengdu

Although Chengdu is known for its own unique and deliciously spicy Sichuanese flavours, the city has much more to offer than just its signature Chinese dishes.  This international city boasts a global palate that includes Japanese and Korean favourites like sushi, tempura, BBQ and bibimbap.

Check out the variety of places to eat Korean food in the ‘Du:

Baiding, Korean BBQ 姜虎东白丁烤肉店

Baiding Korean BBQ


Jingjiang District, Chunxi Road, IFS F6-618 锦江区 春熙路国际金融中心6 楼618号




Han Fang Korean Cuisine 韩坊韩国料理

 Han Fong Korean Cuisine

Affordable and authentic Korean dishes, homestyle cooking and barbecue on the menu. The stone pot rice is a speciality here, and we also like the stir-fried rice cake.


Changle fang, 86 West Dashi Rd 大石西路86号长乐坊.

Opening time:

10am-2pm; 5pm-10pm




Hui Korean BBQ “炭与炭”韩国料理

Hui Korean BBQ

Bit more expensive, though classy venue with nice BBQ grills at every table. Try the marinated pork rib and tasty Korean soups. Drink selection isn’t that great (for Koreans).

Hui Korean BBQ2


3F, Building 9-10, Shuijinjie, No. 1 Jinguanyi St., Jinjiang District (above Hooters in the corner of ShuijinJie, the development behind Lan Kwai Fong)



Meat Factory Korean BBQ 烤肉工厂

Meat Factory Korean BBQ

A variety of meat, which you grill yourself on a bowl of charcoal at the centre of the table. The menu is in Chinese.


Jiuyan Bridge, 12-13 Taiping South Street, Block 6 (in the tunnel between Babi 2 and 1855 Club)

成都九眼桥, 太平南街6号中海格林威治商铺3栋17号

Niuniufu Sanguo Kaoru 牛牛福三国烤肉

Niuniufu Sanguo Kaorou


*Block A, Lidu Plaza, 8 Dakejia Ln.大科甲巷8号利都广场A座.

Opening time:





* Helanshui St., 325 Tianfu Ave 天府大道325远大都市风景荷兰水街2号楼.

Opening time:





Seoul Restaurant 汉城轩

Seoul Restaurant

Busy Korean restaurant near Gaoshengqiao; popular with students from the Minorities University. Barbecue, stone pot rice, and rice cake


*Changlefang, 86 West Dashi Rd. 大石西路86号长乐坊,

*B1/F Lotte Department Store Global Centre, 1700 North Tianfu Ave. 天府大道北段1700号新世纪环球购物中心乐天百货B1楼

Opening time:

10am – 2pm; 5pm – 10pm,



Pankoo Busan Restaurant 釜山料理

Pankoo Busan Restaurant

The Pankoo Busan is a popular restaurant that features cuisine from Busan, South Korea. The restaurant’s beef dishes are particularly delicious; fresh and dripping with just the right amount of fat and oil, but never too greasy. 

As per usual, customers can cook the Korean BBQ themselves, but the helpful waiters will step in if necessary. The pumpkin congee is a local favourite as well, mainly because it is a nice balance to the hot and savoury meat dishes. The restaurant is often crowded during the weekends, so it’s best to go during the week to avoid the rush.

Recommended dishes: fatty beef slices (肥牛), pork belly (五花肉), pumpkin congee (南瓜粥), beef stone bibimbap (牛肉石锅拌饭), veal (小牛肉), shitake mushrooms (香菇), fried rice cakes (炒年糕), miso soup (大酱汤), tuna stone bibimbap (金枪鱼石锅拌饭), clam and tofu soup (蛤蜊豆腐汤) and seafood pancakes (海鲜饼).


9F, Chicony Plaza, 8 Chunxi Rd. South Section, Jinjiang District (near Zhongshan Square) 锦江区春熙路南段8号群光广场9楼(近中山广场),


55 RMB per person; credit cards accepted

Opening time:



028 6597 0177

Getting there: Take bus No. 43, 47, 55, 56a, 56, 62,104,298 to Chunxi Rd. Nankou (春熙路南口)


Sorabol 萨拉伯尔料理

Sorabol Korean BBQ

A popular Korean chain with restaurants in Seoul, Beijing, Shenyang, Dalian, Changchun, and of course, Chengdu. The restaurant’s two standout dishes are the sliced sesame beef (which is especially tender and is served in a large portion) and the savoury pork belly.

Sarah Burr also features a wide selection of fish, many of which are prepared in an interesting manner: covered in corn flour, deep fried and served up without any extra sauce as a plain hot and crunchy treat. The fried rice cakes, served with spicy sweet chilli sauce, are another delicious option and go great alongside a stone pot bibimbap.

Recommended dishes: fried rice cakes (炒年糕), sautéed vegetables (炒杂菜), roasted pork belly (烤五花肉), beef and kimchi pancake (牛肉泡菜饼), ox tongue (烤牛舌), sesame beef (麻香牛肉), and the hot pot with noodles (火锅面).


68 Middle Renmin Rd Section 2, Qingyang District (34F Ruicheng Mingren Hotel) 青羊区人民中路2段68号(瑞城名人酒店34楼), 


105 RMB per person; credit cards accepted

Opening time:



028-88033333; 028-88037777

Getting there:

Take bus No. 5, 16, 37, 55, 298, 300, 341 to Middle Renmin Rd (人民中路二段)


Xiangtugu Korean Restaurant 乡土谷韩国料理

Xiangtugu Korean Restaurant

Reputation as one of Chengdu`s most traditional and authentic Korean restaurants.


*1-2/F, 2 North Taisheng Rd. (near “cell phone street” downtown) 太升北路2号1-2楼.

Opening time:




*1-4/F, Yangguang Tianfu Hotel, 2 North Taisheng Rd 太升北路2号阳光天府酒店1-4楼.





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