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  • Steven

    This place was an oasis. After 2 weeks of Tsing Tao an other crap beer, this Seattleite found a home away from home. 10 house brews on tap, and even more guest taps. A nice menu, too. The chicken quesadilla was great. I would give 5 stars, but this web form on my smartphone won’t let me.

  • Sebastian Duchene

    So this is purely based on two beers we had there when we visited: their Watermelon wheat and their Belgian wit. Both of them had serious, carbonation issues which seemed to indicate a lack of tap management and their flavor was just overtly lacking. To me this continues an ongoing trend of mediocrity of many China based microbreweries that I hope changes soon. Also their marketing scheme of advertising FOSS water for their beers is silly considering any respectable brewer self treats their water nowadays anyways. All in all save your money and don’t come here. Go to Honey and malt or even Hugos before this place.


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Nov. 4: Anthropology Class ‘The Greek Dark Age’

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October 14: Nanmen x Collective Arts Tap Takeover

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