Job Title: Vice Principal

Type of School: Pre-School


1.    Degree in Early Years Education

2.    Qualified Teacher Status

3.    Minimum of 5 years recent successful teaching experience preferably in an International school.

4.    Evidence of ongoing professional development.

5.    Proven experience for leading and managing change at an appropriate level including the curriculum, classroom organisation and administration.

6.    A skilled communicator with experience and understanding of the communication skills required to work in a kindergarten environment and the wider school community (verbal, written, IT as appropriate).

7.    To be able to lead in the creation of a stimulating and safe learning environment.

8.    Strong intercultural skills.

9.    Lead a team who is warm and sensitive to the needs of children.

10.  Demonstrate personal and professional integrity including the modelling the school’s values and vision.

11.  Evidence of a clear view about the future development of the Kindergarten.

12.  A thorough knowledge of EYFS Curriculum gained through first-hand experience, strategic management and direct delivery.

13.  A clear understanding of the needs of young children and their developmental stages.

14.  Ability to work in a way that promotes the safety and well being of children.

15.  Ability to work as part of a team and actively participate as a team member.


1.    Support the Principal in the effective and efficient running of the Kindergarten Team embracing the school’s ethos, values and aims, being an exemplary role model.

2.    Contribute to the development of excellence through developing and creating of learning and teaching policies.

3.    Supporting all the expatriate Teaching staff during their induction period.

4.    Play a major role, under the direction of the Principal, in monitoring and evaluating the provision and outcomes for pupils in the Kindergarten, using this information to work with the Principal in creating a Kindergarten development and improvement plans.

5.    Be an outstanding teacher and lead teaching and learning the across the three age ranges of the Kindergarten, creating an engaging curriculum and actively engaging parents in the life of the school.

6.    Ensure that the Kindergarten work together effectively and efficiently, by providing excellent organisational ability, leadership and management skills.

7.    Be responsible for implementing assessment procedures and be accountable for the outcomes of pupils in the Kindergarten.

8.    Overview of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum and commitment to its on-going development.

9.    Work closely with the Principal in raising Kindergarten standards of attainment and progress.

10.  Lead programme of Monitoring, Assessment and Reporting of all children.

11.  Work closely with the Principal on behaviour safeguarding and pastoral care of students.

12.  Responsibility for safeguarding policy and practice.

13.  Identify and arrange a programme of Continuous professional development (CPD) for the expatriate teachers.

14.  Support the Principal in the admission process including supporting Open Day sessions and organising assessment interviews with children and parents.

15.  Support Chinese Lead teacher in CPD of Chinese Teachers.

16.  Motivate inspire challenge and support staff and children by leading by example and having high expectations.

17.  Develop a sense of community and unity within the Kindergarten along with a strong team spirit.

18.  Commitment to Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people by ensuring that all staff, and those connected to the School, share this commitment and responsibility. To take seriously the responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, and to work together with others to ensure adequate arrangements within the School help to identify, assess, and support children who are suffering harm.


Salary: 280k-400k/ year, with good benefits.

Working Location: Chongqing, China

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