Job Description

  1. Responsible for China-Europe Center to Europe and the countries along the Belt and Road
  2. External liaison work with the region;
  3. Responsible for domestic and foreign visitors to the China-Europe Centre Provide multi-language contact docking, public promotion, visit reception and project tracking service
  4. Responsible for providing foreign-related public relations for government departments, consular agencies, and foreign-related organizations department of planning, implementation, management and continuous follow-up services;
  5. Responsible for China-Europe Center resident institutions and enterprises provide international business development, project management, marketing and other international contact service.


  1. Basic requirements: foreigners of EU member states (including the UK), held in China’s legal work and residence permit and other relevant documents.
  2. Knowledge and education level: Fluent in English and good Chinese communication skills; German, Spanish, French and other European national languages first.
  3. Job Skills Requirements: Understanding China and Europe’s Foreign Affairs and related Issues management policy. Familiar with relevant exchanges between China and the EU in economic, trade, science and technology or culture.
  4. Work experience requirements: more than 1 year engaged in business and foreign affairs in China or related work such as public relations.
  5. Age requirement: under 35 years old.
  6. Other quality requirements: good communication skills, public relations skills, planning

Execution ability, language expression ability and teamwork awareness, image temperament is better, affinity.

Salary: RMB 200,000 — 250,000 / year ; 70% fixed salary, 30% variable salary.

Working Place: Chengdu

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