Looking for cafes in Chengdu? Check out our list of great cafes in the city.

  • Sveglia Coffee 即刻唤醒

    Sveglia Coffee 即刻唤醒A small but warm cafe, located near the center of the city, between Raffles City and Huaxi hospital. The staff used to work in Starbucks for many years and want to serve good and reasonably priced coffee to more people.Their espresso beans are from Let’s Grind (a local Read more [...]

  • The Budapest Cafe

    The Budapest CafeFrom the vintage palette of powdery pinks and sage greens – to the arches, terrazzo, and marble counters, this new cafe in the Chenghua District (near the TV tower) is a modern take on many people’s favourite Anderson film.  Adress: Number 7, 2nd Section ot the 2nd Ring Rd, Read more [...]

  • Starbucks (Happy Valley Branch)

    Starbucks (Happy Valley Branch)星巴克咖啡 (欢乐谷店)C3101 – C3102, 1F, Commercial street, Overseas Chinese Town Park Plaza, Jiaoda Cloverleaf Junction, Jinniu District.金牛区沙西线交大立交外侧华侨城公园广场内一层商业街C3101 – C3102

  • Starbucks (Fortune Center Branch)星巴克咖啡 (财富中心店)1F, Fortune Center, South Qing Shi Bridge street, No.6, Daye Road.大业路6号财富中心1楼

  • Address 1:37 Shuinianhenansanjie Street Funky U37  Factory成都市水碾河南三街37號U37创意社区Tel: 028-86009244Address 2:1 Jinguanyi Street, Shuijinjie 10-1 成都市锦江区锦官驿街1号水锦界10栋1号Tel: 028-81453695


    Address: East Main Street, 99 Upper East street, Jinronghui, 1st floor 东大街上东大街段99号晶融汇一楼Opening:Everyday 9:30-19:00

  • Wonderhouse Bar Cafe

    WonderhouseWonderhouse Bar & Cafe at Wuli, Hua Pai Fang Street. Craft Beer, cocktails and  a wide variety of snacks. Interesting decoration details in the bar.Address: 3F, A building, NO. 40, Hua Pai Fang Street花牌坊街40号无里创意工厂A栋3楼(近消防中队)Tel: 15756508448Opening Hours: 14:30-1:00 Mon-Sun 

  • Munchwich, Cafe and Eatery

    MunchwichMunchwich offers a wide selection of club sandwiches, salads, bagels, specials, side dishes and much more!Munchwich is a casual open concept restaurant, with a handful of tables on the main floor and a number of cozier seating areas are being put in upstairs. All sandwiches are made fresh to order Read more [...]

  • Charu Coworking Space

    Charu is a Tibetan C0-Working space all about making links and connections. The name itself has a Tibetan meaning, coming from the word for the toggle that is used to connect all the parts of a black yak hair tent together – and so the name is significant about networking Read more [...]

  • Origins Coffee Company

    Origins Coffee Company Origins Coffee company is a new cafe in Chengdu’s Tongzilin that is run by two friendly American families. As well as all the usual coffees, they also sell a range of iced drinks (our personal favourite is the Iced Earl Grey Tea) and baked goods.They pull some very Read more [...]


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