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HOW to Sync your Foreign Bank Card to Alipay

  • Recently, Alipay has rolled out new upgrades to make mobile payment services more accessible and convenient for international visitors to China.• Visitors to China simply need to link their foreigner bank cards to Alipay to make payments at

WeChat: All You Need To Know When Adding Overseas Bank Cards [2023 Guide]

Tencent will let foreign users link their Visa cards to their WeChat mobile payments accounts ‘from July’. This will allow tourists to use their smartphones to pay tens of millions of Chinese merchants that already accept the domestic version of

How to Buy and Top-up a Public Transport Card in Chengdu

If you’re in Chengdu for any substantial amount time you’re bound to end up using Chengdu’s public transport system.Relatively new, opening in 2010, and forever expanding, with a raft of lines and line extensions planned to open in the next