Tencent will let foreign users link their Visa cards to their WeChat mobile payments accounts ‘from July’. This will allow tourists to use their smartphones to pay tens of millions of Chinese merchants that already accept the domestic version of WeChat Pay.

How to Add International Credit Cards to WeChat Pay:​

1.Open WeChat > Tap WeChat Pay

Then, under the ‘Me’ tab click on WeChat Pay (right below your WeChat ID). If you’re a new user and can’t find WeChat Pay, then ask a friend to send you a digital red packet (hongbao). Once you open the hongbao, the money will go into your newly accessible WeChat Pay.

2. Open your WeChat Wallet and Tap ‘Cards’

Once you’re in WeChat Pay, access your wallet on the top right-hand side.

Below your balance, click ‘Cards’ to add your international credit card.

3. Add New Card

Once you click to add a new card, the first screen will ask for your name and card number. Either manually input the information or scan your bank card.

After that, fill in your card expiration date, security code and billing address. Once all the information has been added and is accurate, submit the information.

Lastly, confirm that your newly added credit card is in your digital wallet.

Are There Any Limitations?

Since WeChat Pay’s international credit card function is still in its pilot program, we’d like to reiterate that not all payment functions are accessible to international credit card holders. Through the wallet section and the integrated browser of WeChat, users can perform a variety of transactions using WeChat Pay, including and not limited to:

  • Transfer money to friends (especially as “red envelopes” shared during Chinese festivals)
  • Perform transactions on e-commerce websites
  • Top up their mobile
  • Invest in wealth management funds
  • Pay for water and electricity bills
  • Order and pay for a cab
  • Purchase a train or flight ticket
  • Book a night in a hotel
  • Purchase movie tickets
  • And much more…

How to Pay & Use WeChat Pay With an International Credit Card


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What documents can luse to set up Weixin Pay?
A:Passport or People’s Republic of China Foreign Perma nent Resident ID Card
·Mainland Travel Permit or Residence Permit for Hong Kong SAR,Macau SAR and Taiwan Residents.

Q:Do I need a Chinese Mainland(+86) phone number?

A: No. You can use your international phone number as long as it can receive SMSverification codes.

Q: What kind of transactions does Weixin Pay currently sup port for international cards?
A: Currently,international cards can be used for everyday pur chases within the Chinese Mainland.Howeverinternation
al cards do not support certain features such as red packets and money transfers etc.Please refer to the payment page for specific instructions.

Q: Is there a transaction limit? How is the exchange rate cal- culated?

A: There is a limit of6000 RMB for single transactions,a cumu lative limit of 50,000 RMB for monthly transactionsanda cumulative limit of 60.000 RMB for yearly transactions.The
exchange rate will be calculated based on the exchange rate of the card organization and the issuing bank of you international card

Q: Are there any transaction fees?
A: Yes. However, transaction fees are waived for single trans actions under 200 RMB. A 3% transaction fee will be ap
plied for single transactions above 200 RMB.If you request a refund for a transaction.the transaction fee will be reim bursed in proportion to the refunded amountPlease refer to the payment page for details.