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Deal Of The Week – White Collar Fight Night

Followers of Chengdu-Expat WeChat receive a weekly special deal on a great product or service in Chengdu:  On November 19th, Project 0/1 will host Chengdu’s first ever White Collar Fight Night at theIntercontinental Chengdu Global CenterAnd this week only tables are 30% off.White

Oct 30. Natooke Halloween Ride 万圣节骑行

[:en]* 时间/Time: 7:00 p.m. October 30(周五 Friday)* 花费/Cost: 免费/ Free* 地址/ Address: 小天东街3号附26号 3-26 Xiaotian East St, Wuhou District (Natooke Chengdu shop)* 路线/Route: North Yulin Rd.—Nijiaqiao—Jinxiu Rd.—Kehua Rd.—Sichuan University—1st Ring Road—Zhiquan St. (short break)—Dongda Ave.—Hongzhaobi—Renmin South Rd.* 提示/Tip: No bike?