With the opening of Chengdu Line 5 and phase II of Line 10 December this year, more than 100kilometers of new tracks were added in 2019. The total route length of the Chengdu metro system now extends as far as 341km, which equals to Top 8 in the world, nearly equal to the whole France subway transit.

With the opening of subway line 1 on 27th September 2010, Chengdu became the first city in Western China to boast a metro system. The city is midway through its ambitious drive to build itself an extensive metro system. City planners hope it’ll alleviate congestion and pollution, improving general standards of living.

📍Metro Line 5 opened 41 stations at once end of December, making it the longest length construction in one time for Chengdu Metro.

📍Phase two of Metro Line 10 was opened end of December 2019, adding ten stops in southwest direction.

2019 Chengdu Metro Map


Chengdu Metro Lines Under Construction:

Line 6: Zhengjialin – Taiqing Road
Line 8: Xiejiaqiao – Longtansi East
Line 9: Outer Circle
Line 11: East Railway Station – Xinjin West & Huanglongxi
Line 12: Luodai North – Yanhe Community
Line 13: Sichuan Normal University – Longquan South
Line 14: East Railway Station – Luodai North
Line 15: Jintang Sanxing – East Railway Station & Qianfeng Road
Line 16: North Railway Station – Chaoyang Lake
Line 17: Sichuan Normal University – Shuangliu West Railway Station & Yiyuan
Line 18: Tianfu International Airport – Lidun Park & Mount Qingcheng – Pengzhou
Line 19: Baihe – Yong’an South
Line 20: Xindu East Railway Station – Pengzhou
Line 21: Hongguang North – Jinma North

Chengdu Parkway
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