2022 Chengdu Marathon

The Chengdu Marathon is the first marathon race in China to pursue the prestigious Abbott World Marathon Majors in which it aspires to join the ranks of the six members. These years, the event is evaluated to determine if Chengdu will become the seventh World Marathon Major.

Registration closed at the end of October, and you had to be lucky to pass the lottery. Below all information about the November 20th race, including traffic controls & road closures.

Over the past four years (and despite the 2021 race being COVID-cancelled), the Chengdu Marathon has attracted 123,000 runners, attempting to become a big name in the marathon race series in China.

In 2022, the race has a limited capacity of 30,000 runners because of COVID restrictions.

Runners can find more information via the official account below. Don’t forget to collect your bag and have your many COVID tests ready!

Date/ Time:

Sunday, November 20, 2022

7:30am to 1:45pm

Distance/ Number of participants:

Full marathon (42.195km): 20,000 Runners

Half marathon (21.1km): 10,000 Runners


2022 Chengdu Marathon Route Map

The race as usually starts from Jinsha Site Museum and pass by Wide & Narrow Alley, Renmin Park, Tianfu Square, Anshun Bridge, Wangjiang Pavilion and other historical/ cultural attractions, towards Tianfu Finance Center, then heading further South passing Global Center and way down South of Europe Center, where they will turn back North to the old Exhibition Center. It will definitely be an extraordinary experience for the runners with such an amazing course.


Starting point:

East Gate, Jinsha Site Museum


2 Jinsha Yizhi Road, Qingyang District

金沙遗址路2号(青羊大道), 青羊区

Ending point:

New International Exhibition and Convention Center


198 Shijicheng Road, Gaoxin District



During the event, there will be temporary traffic control on some roads during the marathon this Sunday, please pay attention to make a detour.

During previous marathons, the Chengdu metro operated 30-45 minutes ahead of schedule on the morning (and participants and race staff can take the subway for free), though this will only be confirmed later on this week.