Nowadays, the driving E-bike in the city are getting more and more stict, if you love your E-bike and don’t want to get yourself in troubles, there is some relevant knowledge of electric bike registraion for you in chengdu.

Application Materials

Handling Procedures 

(Take the applicant himself as an example of the procedure)

Step 1:

The applicant shall submit the application materials to the public security traffic management department.

Step 2:

Working personnel review application materials.

1. If the application is within the scope of acceptance, the application materials are complete and conform to the legal form, the application will be accepted on the spot;

2. If the application materials are not complete or do not conform to the legal form, the applicant shall be informed of all the content that needs to be corrected in written form at one time on the spot;

3. The following applications that do not meet the application conditions shall not be accepted and the reasons shall be notified in writing:

1) The certificates and vouchers submitted are invalid or inconsistent with the vehicle;

2) The vehicle is illegally assembled, additionally installed or refitted or cannot be used due to damage or other reasons;

3) The vehicle identification number has been polished, dug or has other personal made damage marks, making the vehicle suspected of being stolen or robbed.

Step 3:

The applicant pays the fee and gets the license.

Step 4:

Install the license.

Charge Standard 

Cost of production of e-bike license: ¥10 /copy

Cost of production of license plate: ¥20 /vehicle

Addresses of Chengdu Public Security 

Traffic Police Electric Bicycle Registration Sites

If you are looking to buy an e-bike, you can also choose to buy it directly from a registration service store called “Sale with License”, so that you can apply for an electronic vehicle license online and drive on the road without having to register a license at registration sites. The specific addresses of the “Sale with License” registration service stores can be found on the official website of the Chengdu Traffic Management Bureau.


Drivers should pay attention to safe and civilized travel when driving electric bicycles. The driver must be at least 16 years old and should wear a safety helmet. Passengers under 6 years old should use a safety seat.

During the epidemic period, please pay attention to self-protection. Wear masks, wash hands frequently, avoid gatherings and get COVID-19 vaccines.

*The content of this article is for reference only. Please refer to the latest information of Chengdu Traffic Management Bureau for procedures and locations.

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