The 5th ever Chengdu Creativity and Design Week, from November 9th – 12th

Chengu’s very own creativity and design event is returning. The CCDW has become a notable event in both Chengdu and China’s cultural and creative industries as a whole. This week GoChengdu‘s piece praised it as establishing overseas connections and further building up Chengdu’s cultural and creative presence. The event is set up by Chengdu’s Municipal Government, last year’s CCDW also being praised as a huge meetup of the creative design industries, with companies and agencies from around the world attending (IKEA and the British Museum to name a few).

Thousands of products and companies will be exhibited, filling the Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center (CCNICEC) with local, national and international products. Here’s a blog from an expat visiting last year’s event that covers what can be expected in more detail.

A number of designers and creatives from the Federation of Hong Kong Design Association (FHKDA) will participate in this CCDW and probe into the role of design in a city’s urban life and economic growth. This is also being framed as the the establishment of further cooperation in ‘cultural exchange and inheritance’ between Hong Kong and Chengdu.

See our previous post on Chengdu’s rising presence in the fashion industry to see how this connects with Chengdu’s trajectory as a city. Chengdu is now regularly being pitched as a city on the rise, undergoing constant urban development and growth. The CCDW is definitely fitting into this narrative and worth checking out over the next few days.

Click Here for the event details.

Author: CDExpat_Jamie

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