• In recent years, dog attacks by ‘aggressive’ or banned dog breeds have happened fairly frequently in China. After several severe incidents last year, the debate on whether aggressive dog breeds like Rottweilers should be included in banned lists reignited.

• What does this mean for Chengdu? Previously the city had banned a list of 22 ‘dangerous’ dog breeds. From January 1, 2024, the list was expanded to 35 breeds that are now banned outright, and violators of other regulations face stiff fines. Without further changes, this updated list will be valid for a period of 5 years.

• In addition, new regulations for large dogs were released, and all pet owners must register their dogs.

The official notice

Standards for Large Dogs

Includes all breeds of dogs with the height (from the highest point of the shoulders to the ground when the dog stands) exceeding 65 centimeters.

List of Forbidden Dogs (35)

1、美国比特斗牛梗犬 American Pit Bull Terrier

2、美国斯塔福梗犬 American Staffordshire Terrier

3、阿根廷杜高犬 Dogo Argentino

4、日本土佐犬 Japanese TosaInu

5、意大利卡斯罗犬 Cane Corso

6、中亚牧羊犬 Central Asian Shepherd

7、俄罗斯高加索犬 Caucasian Shepherd

8、西藏獒犬 Tibetan Mastiff

9、意大利扭玻利顿犬 Neapolitan Mastiff

10、法国波尔多獒犬 Doguede Bordeaux

11、英国马士提夫犬 Mastiff1

2、秋田犬 Akita

13、德国牧羊犬 German Shepherd

14、川东猎犬(邻水犬)Chuan Dong Hound

15、牛头梗 Bull Terrier

16、纽芬兰犬 Newfoundland

17、爱尔兰猎狼犬 Irish Wolfhound

18、昆明狼犬 Kunming Dog

19、捷克狼犬 Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

20、苏俄牧羊犬 Borzoi

21、大丹犬 Great Dane

22、中华田园犬(犬肩高超过50cm的)Chinese Rural Dog (with shoulder height exceeding 50cm)

23、阿富汗猎犬 Afghan Hound

24、罗威纳犬 Rottweiler

25、寻血猎犬 Bloodhound

26、大白熊犬(比利牛斯山犬)Great Pyrenees

27、拳师犬 Boxer

28、伯恩山犬 Bernese Mountain Dog

29、杜宾犬 Doberman Pinsche

r30、马林诺斯犬(马犬)Belgian Malinois

31、土耳其坎高犬 Kangal Dog

32、巴西菲勒犬 Brazilian Fila

33、匈牙利可蒙犬 Komondor

34、西班牙加纳利犬 Presa Canario

35、爱尔兰赛特犬(雪达犬)Irish Setter

Civil Code

With the increasing popularity of domestic pets, dog management regulations have been introduced in various cities. Large fierce dog species, including Rottweiler, Tibetan Mastiff, German shepherd and Akita, are all banned. And there are rules and regulations on vicious dogs injuring humans in the Civil Code as well as local regulations.
According to the Civil Code, for fierce dogs prohibited from being kept as pets, owners who violate relevant provisions shall bear strict tort liability.


Property management raising awareness in Chengdu

China’s Civil Code holds breeders and managers liable for harm caused by banned aggressive dogs. Local regulations require all dog owners, even those with non-banned breeds, to leash or confine their pets. Failure to do so results in legal consequences.
Criminal liability is invoked only in severe incidents leading to significant injury or death, where breeders or managers can be charged with “endangering public safety by dangerous methods.” The dog owners are expected to face civil and criminal responsibilities for their negligence.